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Water Wave Wig

The bangs, long layers and shag cut are very popular these days. The layered hair looks free flowing and natural, which is why many women are reluctant to wear their real hair out of fear it will be difficult to manage. This is where a water wave wig would come in handy. Ever wanted those perfect waves without the fuss? This Water Wave Wig has you covered. This patterned wig is a perfect cover for natural hair. Wear it with a full-bodied bun and pin curls at the crown for retro perfection or throw it up into a messy ponytail and tie it into your favorite updo for edgy glamour. Either way, it's sure to take you from daytime chic to prom-worthy elegance in a snap! The waterwave wig is the most beautiful, comfortable and natural-looking human hair available. With its innovative but conservative style and quality craftsmanship, the water wave wig has been successfully exported to Europe, USA, Asia pacific, Africa etc. 

Water hair wave wig is designed to produce a look of natural, relaxing waves that are so subtle they can be worn everyday. Water wave wig is fashionable and natural looking. It is created by a carefully designed special density padding, elastic silk like stretch cap, long lasting hairline, thin skin. The caps are pre-styled to look natural and beautiful. The water wave wigs no tangle, no shedding. Water wave wig is a new and revolutionary new way of styling hair. The basic open-loop structure makes it possible to create a variety of water wave patterns. Combined with human hair, it makes the hair softer than regular Japanese straight hair or Brazilian hair, which suits most Asian's baby hair texture. The Water Wave is a soft, human hair prepared with a unique styling technique (patent pending) that allows for maximum versatility. The unique design provides the hair with an undulated texture that continuously changes and moves even when it has been styled softly. The Water Wave wig can be worn all day long without feeling heavy and sticky against your own hair.

Water wave hair –  this is new Asian style and popular among young African American, Latin American, Caucasian, mixed race women. Water wave is better known as "undulating" or "informal" - in other words - wavy! Undulating water wave looks stunning on stretched hair but not necessary.  It can be sported on loose natural hair also. This type of hair cut and style looks wonderful both on long and short hair. Water Wave is a new wig that feels as soft as silk, looks as natural as real hair, and floats on water like a bobbing mermaid crown! Water wave hair extensions include all hair extension types. They are very popular among ladies for a variety of reasons. Some people might prefer their natural texture and other just like to try a trendy hairstyle. Transform your hair in minutes with our Water Wave Wig. The super soft wig cap fits perfectly on your head. Each pre-made, synthetic barrel is longer than the next to create a beautiful wavy pattern. It's so comfortable you won't even know it's there!

Water wave Human hair it is the newest effect human hair, and this type of hair is more natural and beautiful than other hair. The difference between other curly hair is that the wave must be done by your professional hairdresser, or can do at home too wet and also need special care. After wet the original curl will return, but the line of wavy different from others, the wave look like ocean waves , which is why it named water waves Human hair . It is easy to identify whether it is a water one or not. The most important point of this hair are: Touch super soft and sticky feeling, Water Wave is a very beautiful kind of 100% human hair extension which is similar to the virgin hair. The special designable texture makes it very popular among the customers all over the world. water wave hair weave is the most popular product right these days . It is also known as pre-bonded human hair. Although it is a new type of product, it has already received much appreciation from the people. The main materials for this strand are standard cuticle Remy hair and high temperature steam processed machine pressed synthetic fiber. Anyway , you can just take a look at it before choosing which one to buy

Wet and Wavy hair has a natural wavy appearance that's not overly curly, but like our other textures, it is a bit bouncy and perfectly imperfect. It can also be customized to your desired length. When wearing this hair in its natural state, we recommend applying a styling pomade or curl cream for best results. Wet & Wavy hair is a new way to experience curls. Unlike traditional surf-waver, rod sets and roller sets, Wet & Wavy hair gives you pillow soft, big and bouncy curls which last. Two days after your application your curls will still look perfect! Wet and Wavy wavy hair is a style of chemically straightened hair that is left wavy at the bottom. The look lends itself particularly well to beachy waves and requires conditioning treatments on a regular basis to keep it looking good. Wet and wavy hair is curly hair that has been allowed to dry naturally while maintaining body and fullness. Full of bounce, waves will have more definition and be larger in scale. Hair will usually fall somewhere between straight hair and kinky hair, with curly or coiled strands throughout.

Waterproof lace glue wigs are made by machine by our strict requirements, beautiful and natural looking for you. They are full lace wigs with stretch cap, hand tied hairline and adjustable strap and combs, invisible tape. Waterproof lace glue wig is made of 100% natural human hair. The water proof lace wig can be worn in any occasions, such as swimming, bathing and washing your hair. However, we don't recommend you dance or jump over the water with it on. And make sure to put some styling products to keep it curl after washing it with shampoo. It's easy to clean, and you don't have to worry about the shedding problems when cleaning it. There is no shedding issue even after several washes.

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