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U-Part Wig

The U-Part Wig is a popular style right now. The U-Part Wig was designed to give you more styling flexibility, so it's the perfect beauty shortcut when you're in a rush. Simply bobby pin the wig into your hair to get a chic style that will take you from work to play. A U-Part wig starts by parting your hair into two separate sides, and then using the lace to connect them under your chin or according to the picture. This creates a head turning look that will have everyone asking where you got it done. The U-Part Wig comes in several different colors, each with its own style name listed in the features. Introducing the U-Part Wig, an innovative and versatile new hair extension that features clips that can be used to create different hairstyles. You can create wavy, curly, and straight strands with these clips, as well as add texture to your natural hair.

U part wigs are designed for comfort with a natural looking part. Its wefted four-part construction gives you the freedom to create versatile styles, while its monofilament top provides an undetectable look and feel. A u part wig is the latest development in human hair wigs, this new type of wig is flatter on top and can easily be parted anywhere to give a natural appearance. Treat your client to the most natural-looking Ultra-Thin hair possible with our U-Part Wig. By separating the hair into two or more parts, our expert stylists can mimic the partings and look of a natural-looking head of hair. As a rule of thumb, we recommend one part for every 15cm in length, therefore a typical head of shoulder length hair will naturally part into approx two parts. This will allow your hair to be parted into an undetectable transition using a small section of the pre-taped hairline at the centre front, back or sides.

The U-Part wig is a versatile system that allows you to accurately create any look you wish. It's up to you whether you are wearing it parted down the middle, off to one side, or completely razored. There are limitless styling options! The U-Part Wig is a wig that allows for 3 different styles. You can use the part in the front or the back. You can flip some of the hair out to flip it around with ease. It is suitable for any occasion. This wig can create the illusion of a hairline for those facing hair loss, and such as cancer patients, receding hairlines, alopecia patients. It is also a great solution for women and men requiring daily hair washing due to medical conditions or work environments that require a daily wash. A lace front design provides a natural-looking part and creates the impression of a thick hairline at the forehead. The monofilament top provides flesh-toned coverage.

The U-Part Wig is a unique product that provides the styling flexibility and versatility of a sew-in at a permanent or perm-free level. With this wig, you can customize the parting and hairline any way you please. You can part, comb, add highlights, use a flat iron and so much more!!! The U-Part Wig is perfect for those women who want to look their best at all times. This wig takes less than ten minutes to apply, and the adjustable straps make it a perfect fit for anyone. The gentle clips on the inside of the wig allow for adjustable sizing, and soft fibers combine with realistic hair coloring to create a more natural appearance. Our U-Part Wig is an innovative trend that piggy-backs on recent runway styles. Our wigs work with your own hair to create a look that is both sexy and sophisticated without the commitment of having to permanently style your hair. With a high quality lace front design and hand-tied monofilament top, this is a wig you can wear with confidence. The piece also features multiple combs and adjustable straps for secure, all-day comfort. The U-Part style gives you the freedom to play with new looks and low-maintenance styling.

What is U Part Wigs? There are more and more people in the world who wear wigs, because everyone wants to have pretty hair. For many people, wearing wigs is no shame, but for many people, they can′t accept themselves because of a part of the head which is not covered with hair and looks awkward. Fortunately, we invented upping wigs (also known as parting hair), you can cover your u parts when you have a party or go out. Different u part wigs can represent different styles. Long wigs are often used to draw attention to a very good figure. The best part about our u part wig is its versatility. It can be worn in so many ways including, up, down, off to the side or anywhere in between. This wig can be mixed and matched with other u part styles by secure fittings at the back of the wig, providing endless possibilities for styling. 

What is "u part" Let's start from the center parting. You can create a u-shaped part in your hair by parting hair to either side. The U Part Wig system combines the best features of both lace front wigs and clip in hair extensions, creating an undetectable part wherever you choose. A complete system with everything you need to create hundreds of different part styles, you control when a hair piece is needed and when it is not. The u part wig is made from 100% Remy human hair that is triple wefted, making it very durable. The lace front ensures a natural looking part and the ear to ear lace cap construction for added comfort and fit. The u part wig allows you to go from natural curls to straight with ease without damaging your hair. You can treat it as your own hair by washing, styling, coloring or perming it!

Fashion has never been more than u nice. We believe that pretty things should be embraced and that cool style can be accessible to everyone. u nice brings you the latest in street fashion at an affordable value. We are u nice, and you will love us! Open your door to the world of hair improvement with the sleek u nice hair. This hairstyling tool is capable of adding volume, bounce, and natural color to your hair.

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