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Transparent Lace Wig

Transparent lace wigs are formed by a light, handmade double-knitting technology. The spandex material, mixed with the hair fiber, can be rendered more pliable, lightweight and soft to touch. It also gives an illusion that the hair is growing out of the scalp naturally right before your eyes. The transparency of the lace allows natural scalp to show through for a more realistic look. The transparent lace wig is made of high temperature resistant fiber, which is more durable for you to wear. The handmade lace wig looks natural, and the net weft shows your natural hairline so well. All the wigs in our store are top quality with reasonable price. Besides, they will help you look more charming and beautiful! The lace front is composed of various thread colors to create a natural hairline. Transparent lace wig is perfect for people with thinning natural hair, alopecia and other hair loss problems. It's also popular for everyday use or occasions that require high levels of self-confidence and comfort, such as photo shoots, school events, wedding ceremonies, and other special occasions.

Transparent lace wigs are made of 100% human hairs by using lace material and medical thread instead of cap. The hair density of the wig is light, which is due to its softness and whole transparency features. With enough ventilation points among the wig net top and bottom parts, cool wind can circulate freely so that you can wear them comfortably in summer. What's more, it doesn't hurt your head like aconventional lace wig, which has thick hair roots(the wig cap). That is why transparent lace wigs are very popular among women who doesn't want to feel any pressure on their heads. Transparent Lace Wigs A lightweight open netting that allows your own hair to be visible. It is suitable for both thinning or balding areas and perfect for those who wear wigs to cover their natural hair. Our lace front wigs are made of high quality double machine weft made with Swiss lace material. Features - Hidden zipper, Price-friendly, 100% Handmade, Loose wave.

What is a lace wig you ask? I am glad you asked. Sacrificing none of the versatility and features of a standard toupee, or hairpiece, the lace wig is so thin that it may guarantee that your confidence follows suit as well. The transparency of the hair piece will allow your own natural skin tone and hair color to predominate. The lace Wiggers provided by us are hand tied are available in a range selection of natural colors to match your own hair color exactly, guaranteeing the most realistic looking wig possible. Lace front wig is one of the most natural hair extension applications in the beauty industry. The lace front wig strips have a skin color lace that blends into your natural hair. The hair trigger response to movement makes the lace front hair look more real than any other lace application. The transparent lace front wig is used on lighter complexions, but we also have opaque and flower lace appliques for darker complexions.

Transparent lace is a imitation jewelry design in lace material, with Transparent effect. The material looks like chiffon but it’s not sheer mesh. The materials are much more scratch and break resistant than the real thing, and allows for a whole new array of design capabilities to offer great value to consumers. Transparent Lace is a special kind of yarn that doesn't feel scratchy because the fibers in it are extremely fine. This lace fabric is strong for its weight, but also has enough give to offer comfortable wearing. Transparent lace wigs(also known as invisible lace wig) are made from 100% Remy human hair. The major color of this collection is straight wig(straight hair has no waves). You can wear it at any place or occasion. It also can be dyed and bleached as your personal requirement. Please note lace wig is indistinguishable from your own hair, but it is not your own hair. If the quality of a product doesn't meet your expectation, you can exchange it within 7 days after you receive it for replacement or money-back, except for customized products.

Whether you're looking for an everyday look or want to re-create one of your favorite celebrity hairstyles, lace wigs offer endless styling options. They're amazingly strong and durable, and their ability to be worn multiple times with proper care makes them a great value. Natural looking lace front wigs start with high quality hair that is hand tied onto a stretch cap that resembles skin on your head. Lace wigs are made from real human hair and hand-sewn onto a lightweight lace base. This style is very versatile as it can be worn in a variety of ways, by clipping, straigtening or curling using heated appliances. Our lace wigs are made by using the highest quality lace material available and crafted to give you a natural look. Please note that due to the natural properties of the material some shedding is expected upon first wear and brushing. This is normal, and normal care and maintenance applies. The wig cap construction is light weight, breathable, stretchy, comfortable, and durable.

Transparent lace front wigs are much more natural and beautiful than lace front wigs. The fibers looks like natural hairs and can be dyed. The lace front wigs can be parted anywhere on the hair line, just like your own hair, which allows you to create any hairstyle you want. Invisible lace is virgin hair with high transparency, there are dark and light color hairs mixed up in the bundles, you can dye it and bleach it as you like. It is invisible as for invisibility, but it is not impossible. Get the new look you want with ZALO's buy now pay later hair, a luxurious collection of hair extensions for instant length. Our covert hair extensions are discreetly and seamlessly attached in an undetectable clip-in or tape-in application. With a translucent base to blend with all hair colors and lengths, our clip-in hair extensions are perfect for adding length and volume to fine or thinning hair. 

Model: 5-by-5-hd-lace-closure-long-straight-hair-wigs-invisible-transpa
Preciousluxuryhair 5 by 5 HD Lace Closure Long Straight Hair Wigs Invisible Transparent Lace Wigs 180% Density; 100% Human hair, unprocessed, no tangle, no shedding, last longer. We carefully inspect all the hair products to ensure that they are full and free of any tangles, tints or dyes. All our w..
$232.00 $464.00
Model: 5x5-hd-lace-closure-wigs-invisible-transparent-hd-lace-body-wave
DigiHair 5x5 HD Lace Closure Wigs are 100% Remy human hair which is durable and longer lasting. They are made with a reinforcement base to ensure long-lasting performance and durability along with tangle free and easy detangling. They feature a great natural thickness from the top down. There is no ..
$232.00 $464.00
Model: 5x5-hd-lace-wigs-pre-plucked-jerry-curly-hair-invisible-lace-clo
Pre Plucked Jerry Curly Human Hair Wig is made of 100% Remy Human Hair. With this item, you'll get more hair, less cost than other companies. It is double drawn and hand tied on the lace, with over 180% density, which means that there'll be less leakage at the knots so clients can wear it longer and..
$243.37 $486.74
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