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Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles

Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
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Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles
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 Preciousluxuryhair is a professional hair factory , the products are 100% unprocessed virgin hair. All our products were exported to Europe, America, Japan and other countries.

Great quality at a great price ! That is why we are the leading China manufacturer of wigs and hair pieces, toupees, hair extensions and beauty products. We do so by keeping our production simple. The products we offer are always 100 percent human hair, high quality, style trendy, natural-looking wigs with no damage or shedding problems.

Having a new hair style can make you feel like the bubbles on champagne. If you've always dreamed of having long and beautiful locks, but it's always been too expensive for you, then we have some welcome news - human hair wigs are now within your reach! We've got just the styles that'll take your breath away: long blonde wigs, long brunette wigs, short blond wigs, short black wigs, etc. A high-quality wig will both look and feel like real hair, so if you're planning for an important event where you need to look gorgeous...


※Item: Preciousluxuryhair Hair Straight Hair 4 Bundles With 4*4 Transparent Lace Closure, 100% Human Virgin Hair Bundles

※Hair Material: 100% Virgin Human Hair Bundles, Virgin Brazilian Straight Hair Hair Weaves, Can be Dyed and Ironed by your favor

※Hair Color: Natural Black Color

※Hair Grade: Preciousluxuryhair Hair, 8A Grade, Brazilian Virgin Hair,100% Virgin Human Hair Bundles, Bomb Straight Hair  Hair Styles, Straight Hair Hair Wigs

※Hair Length: 8 inches-30 inches is available, Very Soft, Healthy and thick, Tangle Free, No Shedding

※Hair Weight: 95-100g each bundles ,35-40g Lace Closure

※Hair Closure: 4*4 Transparent lace closure, Free Part 10-20inch

※Texture: Straight Hair bundles, Natural Hair line, Soft, Comb Easily, Minimal Shedding, No Tangling 


※Shipping: Your goods will be shipped within 24 hours, we know you are eager to get it, 3-5 working days to arrive, click shipment for details
※Return: If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may exchange an eligible item for a different item in 15 days, provided you follow the proper return procedure and eligibility guidelines.
※Services: Any questions can be answered within 24 hours, you can send messages to [email protected] or call us: (+86)17317968983


How many bundles should I purchase?

If you want to full fill one head, 3pcs will be okay. If the hair is over 18", 4pcs should be better.Also, if you do not have leave out, you could try to 3 bundles with closure3 bundles with frontal closure, it will save your more money.

How is the hair length measured?

Preciousluxuryhair Hair is measured true to length.The lengths on our website are the stretched length.

How long do the hair bundles last?

Our bundles typically last for 6-8 months, if cared for properly.

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 It's soft, manageable and has a nice luster. Its cuticles are intact, there is no artificial or chemical processing such as dyes or perming. These virgin Malaysian human hair extensions will give you the confidence to create your own style. Malaysian hair is silky smooth, shiny and lightweight. It can be processed to look natural or enhanced for a more glamorous look. Malaysian hair undergoes minimal processing, which preserves its superior texture. It has a high luster and natural shine.
Yes, human hair wigs can be very expensive. There are many factors that determine the actual price of a human hair wig. One of the most important factors is the quality of the hair itself. Most human hair wigs are made from Indian or European hair, and the better quality it is, the more you will pay for it. Human hair wigs can cost thousands of dollars, but you can find wigs made from synthetic fibers that cost hundreds or even less. But understand that just because you don't spend a lot of money doesn't mean it will look cheap. These wigs can be very good looking and feel great.
Yes, K Ryssma wigs are heat resistant. K Ryssma wigs are heat resistant up to 180 degrees, even for long periods of time. If you decide to curling iron or flat iron your hair, always use a plastic or silicon based protecting spray so that your hair won't be damaged. Using a hair dryer on K Ryssma wig is not recommended but if you have to use one, it's better to use one that has the cool setting.
We don't recommend washing your ponytail in the washing machine. If you are looking to hand wash your ponytail, we strongly recommend washing it by itself so that it doesn't get tangled and twisted in a braid or towel. Fill a sink with lukewarm water and a gentle shampoo. Put the ponytail from the water and swish it about. Rinse out the shampoo using lukewarm water. You are able to blot it with a towel to eliminate some of their water, but you shouldn't rub on the ponytail.

Yes, you can! When you attach the lace on a full wig it is called FULL LACE WIG APPLICATION. It is one of the most versatile types of wig application as it allows the most customization options with regards to styling. Depending on your preference, this type of wig may be worn in a natural hairline or totally undetectable. The best way to sew a full lace wig is to sew your wig cap and the hair together. This will create a smooth surface on the front and back of your cap, which will improve the life of your wig and make it look less "wiggy".
Body wave is a beautiful hairstyle, coming straight from India. It is popular among Latinas and African Americans with hair that goes past the shoulders. If wanting to whiten your body wave Weave hair, you need to prepare a appropriative flat iron, and studying how to use the iron. The warmth of this flat iron ought to be appropriate, also cold will not readily available for washing the entire body wave hair extensions, however also hot will harm your body wave weave hair.

My instant answer was: No, wigs do not cause baldness or bad hair problems. But when I read more about wig wearing, I found out the main reason why. The main cause is because of the wearing time. If you wear wigs, then you have to know how long to wear it every day and night. If you stay in hot and humid environment, or you sleep in wigs, then your hair is easy to dryness and the tangles are easy to create.  Wearing sterile hats and wigs won't damage hair follicles provided that they aren't that tight. If the wig or hat is too tight, then it could result in Traction Alopecia.

Gel in wet hair is to give it the wet look of gel when applied at the beginning of a blow dry or on damp hair.  Gel for dry hair is to control frizz at the end of a blow out or to bring some definition back into straightened hair.  If you want to put product on your wet hair, use mousse or light hold gel.  If you want something that you can scrunch your hair together, put in on your dry hair and scrunch with your hands.
If your artificial Extensions are subjected to an exorbitant quantity of warmth, the hair tends to melt or burn. This is a result of how the fibers are rather demanding on our normal hair, and at the time this abrasiveness may result in hair breakage and losing. Say NO to synthetic!! This hair has its own natural cuticles aligned in the same direction. This provides full control of tangling and matting, and feels soft and silky to the touch, while making it last just as long as any other high end brand.

Wig sizing is based upon the circumference of your head, and your wig cap size is most commonly written in centimeters and inches. Measure around the circumference of the mind in front Hairline, behind your ear, to the nape of the neck, to your ear, back into front hairline. Measure from the tip in front of one ear where your hairline finishes, over the top of your mind, into the exact same point before another ear.

The best solution to the sweaty-wig or sour-wig syndrome is to wash the wig after each use. Soak the wig in a basin of cool water with a small amount of liquid dishwashing detergent and shampoo.  Soak a towel in the water and wrap around the bundles of hair to soak up excess water. Gently squeeze to remove moisture. Do not rub or squeeze the hair together too much. Rinse until the water runs clear, then gently towel dry and let air dry completely before storing.
Experienced crocheters know that all crochet hair tangles. In order to avoid tangles, it's important to use the correct type of material along with a tangle-free process. Braiding real hair does two things — it keeps your crochet strands from unraveling and ensures there won't be knots in your product. The most practical way to prevent tangles would be to moisturize the hair and keep it covered with a comfortable fitted cap when sleeping. Sleeping and lounging with no cap can make many different problems since the Crochet Braids can come in touch with other artificial fibers which could cause it to fray.

The 120g Full Head Hair Weave is the perfect option for those looking to add length and volume to their hair without the high cost of extensive in-salon procedures. Each strand of premium Indian hair is carefully hand-tied to a thin, soft band that is easy to wear and remove. The strands can be clipped in or sewn into your existing hair. For Lean hair we recommend 60 to 100 g. For moderate to thick hair, we propose 120 to 180 g.

A ponytail is both stylish on the streets and in the office.  It can be tailored to look professional for work or fun for play, and they are easy to create without causing a fuss. These days it seems more and more people are rocking the ponytail every day at work. Some go for the sleek bun, but the pony tail is a classic and extra office-friendly way to wear your hair up. A ponytail is Perfectly professional, even though a very low ponytail generally reads more specialist than a top one. It is also possible to experiment with buns, clips, gibson tucks, and much more.

Human hair is one of the most versatile, and highest quality textiles in the world. And although human hair comes from all over the globe, there's still debate about where the best quality hair is found.  If you want thicker and shinier hair, then Peruvian hair is your ideal selection for you. If you would like shinny, soft and wavy hair, Virgin hair would be the right for you. You have made a fantastic choice, regardless of which one you select.

Swiss lace wigs, also known as hairlace wigs, are a synthetic hair alternative to human hair wigs. They replicate the natural texture of an individual's hair, while also looking natural and realistic without needing to be brushed, cleansed or treated like normal, human hair wigs. Swiss lace wigs are incredibly easy to maintain and need little care due to their synthetic, rather than real hair nature. The lace base of these exquisite pieces is what adds to its realistic appearance and costume jewel-like design. 
A undetectable lace wig is a hairpiece that looks like your own hair. It comes with hand-tied lace front wig and a heat resistant fiber for a natural look. It's so light, you barely feel it on your head and can instantly change your look. The actual & natural appearance is the maximum quality of a lace wig, therefore undetectable lace is created for it. It uses the best Swiss lace as raw stuff. Its lace is ultra thin and translucent but sturdy.
Kendall Jenner's haircut is trending on the internet today. In fact, there are a lot of people arguing over what to call the 18-year-old's new look. For now, we'll be calling it the lob or lob hairstyle since long bob can sometimes mean shoulder length hair.  Kendall Jenner's hairstyle is an easy and feminine version of a pixie cut. With soft layers framing the face and texturized crop, Kendall's beautiful bob is layered at the top to add height and volume. Her hair has fullness around the crown area so it's not too short and it fits her face perfectly.
The lace is the main component of a lace wig and what holds the hair onto the scalp. Lace is kind of breathable, stretchy and soft material with fine openings. It can be made from natural or synthetic fibers. There're many kinds of lace material for wigs: French Lace: French lace is thick, durable and detectable. Korean Amusement Lace: Super Swiss Lace: Stretch Lace: Lace Without Stretch: Thin Skin Perimeter Lace:  Swiss Lace:  Manufactured in Swiss from India Remy Human Hair, surrounding with mesh, composed by Indian hair strand by strand.

All hair oils are not equal. With so many brands available it is hard to know which one is really the best oil to use. Coconut Oil. As You Might Be able to imagine, coconut oil comes from coconuts. Argan Oil. Argan oil, also referred to as eucalyptus oil, is derived from nuts generated from argan trees. Jojoba Oil. Sweet Almond Oil. Olive Oil. Lavender Oil. Lemongrass Oil. Hair Types and also the Best Oils for Every.

There are several reasons why your hair may revert back after straightening. You may not be using the appropriate temperature for your hair type, most hair types need a higher heat for an extended period of time to achieve its strongest form. You could also be combing the hair after straightening too frequently. Be careful not to pull or drag on the strands as this will cause dryness and breakage. Hair that is dried out and brittle before You begin with the straightener is the culprit behind hair thinning hair which will not lie flat.
Russian hair is the best by so many measures. Russian hair is less damaged. Scientific evidence shows that all hair, whether it's Russian, Indian, Malaysian or European, contains chemicals which help the hair stay strong. After you wash your hair - especially if you use a blow dryer or flat iron - these chemicals become oxidized and begin to break down into acids that literally eat your hair.