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Transparent Closure

What is transparent closure – transparent closure means that the wig has lace on the cap (the other option is solid cap or lace). This kind of closure will let the scalp show through and give the illusion that your hair is growing from your head. Transparent closure are so useful for wig styling, they are beautiful but also functional, used to do wig clamp, the wig will not slip away or fall. Enjoy wearing wigs without the fear of looking unnatural while doing so. This wig comes with a transparent closure which looks exactly like natural hair roots. The wig base is pre-bonded, meaning you don't need to apply braids or glue first anymore. The premium remy human hair is also heat-resistant and tangle-free, saving you from the frustration of others.

The closure is a kind of wig's most important part. It is also the most special part in a wig. Because how well the closure is sewn, makes the entire wig look less or more natural, so an excellent closure can help you achieve a stunning look! Sometimes you just want to look like you're not wearing a wig, and this is the perfect alternative for those days. The transparent closure looks like the same material as the wig cap, which blends in with your natural hair color. Wigs hats have a transparent closure so that part of your head can't be seen from the front. The transparent closure is for allowing the buyer to see the color and style of their wig without seeing the wearer's hair, face, or scalp. They are best for occasions where you don't want anyone to know you're wearing a wig (outside besides Halloween), but you still want to wear one. Transparent closure is a wig cap without sew. Wearing with the transparent closure, the wig is completely open at the back in order to ensure enough air circulation and comfortable wearing.

The most common closure for wigs is the human hair with sew in method. The closure is used to fill in the area of the wig where hair naturally grows out of the head. This can include the temple, back of the head, and even a full closure that mimics natural hair line. These closures are a great choice for you if you want all versatility. This type of wig closure is suitable for hand-tied and braided wigs. With it, you can always achieve the look you desire whether simple or complex. The closures are designed in a way that they sometimes give you an opportunity to reveal your skin  if you do not like being totally covered by hair. Generally, sew in wig closures can have a D-ring, Velcro, or snap button design depending on the manufacturer. These high quality sew in with closure wigs are so easy to use just glue them on and style your hair with a perm rod or curling iron. Fashion colors for many occasions

Our first lace closure is the revolutionary, innovative, and transparent lace closure. This wig features a stunning lace closure that is strong and breathable, will not damage your natural hair, and can be parted anywhere with no worries about sacrificing your natural hairline. This closure allows you to get an instant install at home without damaging your own hair. Made from its highest quality heat resistant fibers available, our human hair wigs are made from natural, real hair. The hair is double drawn and then hand knotted to precision and skillfully crafted into a variety of trendy styles that look and feel like real hair. We take great care in designing each exclusive look in order to bring you the most realistic wig on the market today.

Wigs are a hot-selling product of the online. Wigs have two kinds of closures, one is transparent closure which is made by weft, and another is HD closure which is made by glue. The transparent closure has a small disadvantage. Because it is made of material that can be knotted, so tied up is not very tight, leading to easy to slip off. And the HD closure is stronger than the transparent closures, its hair knot is extremely tight, it sticks firmly. That's why the wigs with HD closure have high quality and can be popular with lots of customers.

The difference between the Transparent Closure and HD (High Definition) of wig is an important consideration when choosing a hairpiece. The transparent closure is made out of clear nylon material while the HD Closure is made out of synthetic fibers. Both closures are adjustable and both have latex bands that go at the back of your head to close them in place. The closure of wigs is also a very important parameter for you to determine the weight of the wig. In general, the lace closure is better than transparent one. People said that the upper edge made by transparent lace is not stitched completely, thus it is likely to come off. While as we know that the quality lace closure will take more time and money, and higer-quality wigs more likely to have them, which shows the difference between cheaper and higher-end wigs. The transparent closure wig has lace that goes all the way around the perimeter of the wig and covers the wefts. The wig cap is usually made with a thin, breathable material because the lace overlays can add some bulk.

Transparent closures are not seen in front and are therefore more invisible to others when your hair is up. This type of closure has a strong hold, it is invisible, and it is designed for styling, coloring, and perming wigs. Transparent closure is an invisible and two-way tape power with high retention, good elasticity, and good shape recovery. It has the advantages of no suture line trace, no hat hairline trace, convenient for wigs wearing, and the invisible is more beautiful. The transparent closure is sewn along the wig and is used to help secure the wig on your head.

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