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There is more to hair than just looking good. Hair is a direct reflection of your overall health. Hair not only contains proteins, fats and water, but also minerals such as calcium, zinc and magnesium. These vital nutrients are imperative for the natural growth of healthy hair. T1B/613 hair was born from understanding of these important nutritional needs - therefore inspiring a revolution in the way we eat our hair! For over 100 years, T1B/613 has been the premier choice of men and women looking to add subtle, natural-looking highlights to their hair. Today, this unique shade is still recognized as the industry gold standard because of its universally flattering and radiant color that is virtually indistinguishable from your own natural shade! T1B/613 Hair is a revolutionary, Human Hair used to produce the most realistic hairline on the market today. It creates a seamless look that stands up to even the most stringent inspection. It has features such as skin tone matching, realistic curl patterns and blends perfectly on all skin tones.

Get back to your fabulous roots. T1B/613 is a high-quality colored hair line that contains our best of the best technology in a range of rich, pre-dyed colors. Made with 100% human hair, T1B/613 applies easily and feels as good as it looks. Turn heads and set trends with a color that's as bold on the outside as it is on the inside. Color 1B/613 is short, saucy, and a little bit sassy with a fun, out-of-the-box vibe. This flirty red, infused with antioxidant ingredients is ready for your own adventure. Just like you, your hair deserves the very best. That’s why T1B/613 proudly creates products made from nature and blended with passion – for the love of beautiful hair!

The difference isn’t just in the detail, it’s in the design. The T1B/613 hair is specifically designed and crafted for versatility. These human hair extensions are ideal for all types of styles and can easily be used to create a natural look or a statement-making style that will turn heads. Strong, lightweight and easy to use, the T1B/613 hair is also instant heat-friendly and won’t damage your hair during application. Just add a little pizzazz with this semi-permanent hair color formula developed by L'Oreal Paris! The single-bottle system offers you 3 simple steps for easy home coloring. The water activated formula glides on the hair evenly to produce intense and long lasting color. #T1B/613 is a 613 shade of Brown with soft Red highlights.

613 hair bundles are 100% human hair and can be styled using thermal tools, flat irons, curling irons, and more. 613 hair bundles are high-quality specific extension hair. It is 100% remy human hair and can be styled into a variety of hairstyles by yourself. Like the quality, texture and variety of a human hair wig paired with the comfort and convenience of wearing a lace front cap? A fun and colorful hair is the show of fashion. If you want a different styles on hair, you can try the 613 bundles colored hair. This color hair is very easy to be done at home by yourself. This is a set of 613 hair bundles. The hair bundles are made from 100% virgin remy human hair. 613 Hair Bundles are all 100% Human Virgin Cuticles Hair. They are from one donor, not mixed, and never come from a factory or cheap Brazilian hair. You can have fun colors such as #613 Platinum Blonde to #613 Chocolate Brown!

Did a beautiful woman happen to run her fingers through your hair recently? If so, she could be hankering for more. We’ve got the solution just in case! 613 Hair bundles are 100% virgin human hair, allowing you to restyle clockwise or counterclockwise and even curl this hair with heat tools up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit. T1B/613 hair bundles make it easy to achieve a natural, realistic looking full head of hair with ease, since all the hard work is done for you. It doesn’t matter what your own natural color is because we have too many customers, who used it perfectly on their own hair and they looked great. T1B/613 hair bundles are made from 100% unprocessed Brazilian Hair. It can be Permed, Coloured, Straightened and Styled just like your own Natural Hair and can last up to a year or more without tangling. Here at T1B/613, we believe you deserve to receive your hair in the most convenient way and at a price that will fit your budget. Hair bundles are perfect for those who desire to have a full head of lush hair, at the lowest cost!

The 613 human hair is a fashion accessory for men and women. It is hand-crafted in Vietnam from 100% donor hair, laser cut in exquisite designs, and assembled by hand. The 613 allows the wearer to express their individuality with the grace of fine art. Temporary hair ideal for a variety of uses. Guaranteed to last, "T1B/613" human hair lasts longer than most synthetic hair pieces. Semi-permanent adhesive glues the piece securely in place. Can be bleached and styled like natural hair. The perfect match for fine, thin hair. T1B/613 is ideal for short hair and creates definition without volume. 

Looking good shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why T1B/613 hair is so easy to wear. The silky-soft texture glides through your hands and bends with the movement of your head. These are the essentials that give you an effortless, beautiful look every day. And because it's 100% real human hair, it still needs care and styling like natural hair. Just don't overdo it.

Model: 1b-613-color-human-hair-lace-closure-4-4-body-wave-closure
Our 1B/613 Color Body Wave Closure is the most natural way to achieve a beautiful, completely undetectable hairline. The closure maintains a natural scalp line for an unrivaled hair growth pattern. Take the next step and customize this closure with your own individual style.A long-lasting full lace ..
$93.95 $234.87
Model: 1b-613-color-human-hair-lace-closure-4-4-straight-hair-closure
The closure is made of the color #1B Human hair. It has a silky texture, soft and smooth, it's easy to blend with your own natural hair. It's great to use in braiding or in wig making.Our closure wigs are designed to be the most natural looking wigs and come in a variety of styles and colors. They a..
$93.95 $234.87
Model: 1b-613-color-human-hair-lace-closure-13-4-straight-hair-closure
This is a brand new, 100% unprocessed human hair closure. It is made of very high quality indian hair. This lace closure can be dyed or bleached and curled by yourself. You can make it into a wig or headpiece with your own hair or use it this time to complete a fabulous look today!White hair toppers..
$164.77 $411.92
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