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Super Wave

Curl, volumize, and straighten as if you were at the salon with Super Wave Hair. It's full of amazing benefits and features a unique combination or processes that will bring out your beautiful hair and give that special oomph factor that you're looking for. It is more than just a fabric, it's a new way of wearing your hair to achieve any style you desire. The super wave hair has a high quality standard and is made of top grade remy hair. The product is the best one you can get! With its mixed length, its natural wavy, voluminous and unique style will make you outstanding among the people around you. The Nano ceramic technology of the super wave hair is so advanced that you can now use heat to style your hair. Heat styling is also healthier for hair with less damage to the cuticles, and has proven to cause less damage than other styling methods, such as flat irons or even curling irons. So get your Super Wave Hair today and start enjoying the benefits!

Super wave hair is a naturally textured hair product that is heat and color safe. super wave hair can be worn straight, wavy or curly. It can be blow dried with a round brush to achieve a more voluminous style or air dried for a more beachy style. It works best on fine to medium hair types. It is being called "a miracle for African Americans" with many now using it to help reduce hair breakage and help thicken their thinning manes. The makers of the popular super wave hair product have a new variation on the already famous super wave hair extensions. The Super Wave Hair is perfect for any woman/girl that wants to express their 'real' personality through their hair, not just the expected. It's perfect for 'crazy' days when you want your hair looking funny. The Super Wave has a swept back, flowing hair style that is enhanced via its easy to care for characteristics. The wavy hairstyle can be worn to create a chic and interesting style.

Super wave hair is one of the most obscure growing techniques of human hair extensions nails. We do not know that this phenomenon exists in the front hair extensions. It is really popular for at least 10 years, may be be considered as a new kind of hair extension style. It looks like curved wheat or curved corn or some trees that has twisted trunks and branches. There are two kinds of waves: one is kinky wave, another is curly wave. The latter is the other name of spirally wave which usually used in kinky curly hairstyle.

What is the super wave hair? The super wave hair is a type of curly hair with a taper curls clockwise, and it is much like the appearance of the grass. This kind of hair can be long or short length, but have a soft natural curl. As a new statement on fashion, it represents the free and easy nature. Super wave water wave hair human hair is 100% unprocessed human hair. It is double drawn human hair, the cuticles are intact, so it doesn't tangle or mat in humid environment. Suitable for weaving, knitting, and other methods of extensions. water wave hair is an advanced brazilian hair that comes in a natural, unprocessed cuticle-stripped state. these hairs are naturally springy with a natural shine when wet, and have microscopically small diameter which creates a smooth, soft feel.

Super Wave Hair is a new innovation of hair trend. It has been popular around the world and it becomes more and more famous in recent years. Super Wave hair is a world wide phenomenon. Bigger, fuller and more beautiful is what the Super Wave hair represents. The wave is a big trend right now and it's getting bigger every day! People want a hairstyle that can be worn in almost any occasion. The Super Wave hair takes less than 5 minutes to install and last up to six weeks, even with swim activities. It comes in various colors but blondes have the majority. Our super wave hair is best for your everyday needs. Our 100% remy human hair with a machine weft makes this a high quality wig, and will give you the ability to comb the wig to the left, right, up or down! If you want to change your style while attending different occasions, you can confidently do so with our super wave hair. The Super Wave Hair is 100% Human Hair, which can be styled with hot tools. It is easy to color, cut and curl just like normal hair. With a high temperature resistant and good elasticity, it can be curled or shaped as you want without being deformed. This kind of hair is free from any chemical treatments such as coloring or any acid washing. The hair is soft, smooth and natural. 

The super wave is a lightweight, versatile and long lasting style. It is easy to maintain and can be styled up or down. This loop wefted hair is Q.T.I pre-stretched and pre-teased to prevent tangling during use, and the quality of this particular hair is outstanding with over 100 grams per packet for incredible volume. We created the Super Wave Hair in response to our clients' requests for a beautiful, natural-looking extension that was easy to use and maintain. The result is a hand-knotted, 100% human hair fiber system with an innovative "heat from within" curl pattern that allows it to be styled with hot tools like flat irons or curling wands. The Classic Super Wave achieves the classic 1920s flapper look in less time – you no longer need to spend hours with steaming hot rollers for perfect curls! The Super Wave Style is the wave system with the softest and bounciest texture. It is a beautiful, natural look that flows with each movement of hair and really makes you stand out.

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