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Straight Hair Wig

Straight hair wig is the style of wig some women ask for, it looks more natural. Very popular now. Some people also like middle-part, graduated from front to back and etc. This type of wig, it can be parted in another direction if you want a different style. Many choose straight! We have an accumulation of some of the best high quality Straight Hair wig products, which are actually sold at very affordable prices. These wigs can also be worn in different styles. As soon as you start wearing one of these outstanding straight hair wigs, you will be able to appreciate its beauty, style and elegance. You will be able to wear these wigs in any occasion and look stunning. Hair wig is straight hair and natural looking. The human hair wig will not fade and tangle. Only human virgin hair is used which is cut from one young lady. The length can be 8" 10" 12" 14" 16". Hair wig and your own hair together as one. So it looks very natural. It's very convenient to wear the soft silk top closure and lace front for installing the lace front wig onto your head. 

Straight hair wig is long, smooth, and perfect for both daily and evening wear. Straight hair wig is an amazing and fun way to dress up your child and transform her from a child to a young lady. It is also an economical alternative to human hair wigs for African-American girls. Straight hair wig can be worn easily by almost anyone. For those who have the simple ease of styling straight hair, why not change it up with a fun novelty wig? A wig is a great way to diversify your look and add some pizazz. Our wigs are made from 100% real human hair, this means no tangling or matting. Whether you choose a bob cut wig or any other style that fits your personality, with our human hair wigs you can create an easy breezy new look for any ocassion. Plus it's fun to change things up! Our straight hair wig is lightweight and easy to fit in carry-on luggage. Perfect for longer trips, its internal hanger and hidden laundry bag make it easy to pack all of your essentials. With a detachable cap that adds versatility, this wig is comfortable and easy to wear. A must-have for any gal on the go!

Straight Hair Wigs are a revolutionary and scientific breakthrough in the wig industry. Consisting of a patented fiber that weaves real human hair together seamlessly to form locks of resistant, long lasting, natural looking hair. Straight hair is friendly to people with scalp problems such as dandruff and psoriasis. With an easy care regimen, these wigs require little or no styling. dola hair is 100% human hair, which was made from one donor. This means that it is all uniform and natural. It never comes out curly, dry, or tangled. dola's hair is grown in a healthy environment in a natural way. The 100% Real Remy human hair will give your that soft, full, and silky look you've always wanted. With our unique innovative designs and reliable customer service, We will be your go-to hair care company. Our luxurious lace front Straight Hair Wig is designed to look and feel like your own hair. Superior human hair are hand-tied to a lace front cap that increases the density and the cap is only on top so you can part it however you want. With normal styling tools, straighten it, curl it, ventilate it, color it! It's your hair, have fun with it!

Kinky straight hair is soft, lustrous, and bouncy flowing hair. It features a different texture of cuticles that range from tightly coiled to slightly wavy. It comes in various textures which are determined by the density and pattern of the curls, ranging from silky soft to coarser and firmer textures. With diverse choices of coloring options, it can blend easily with any skin tone as well as all hair types. It suits most face shapes and gives your look a personalized appeal. It is very easy to maintain and style. Kinky Straight is a bouncy, healthy, versatile hair texture that defies hair type rules. It features long layers to give it swing and movement, and the ends are curled under to create softness and natural body. It's perfect for you if you want: A versatile hairstyle that can be worn straight, wavy or curly Easy to manage hair that bounces back beautifully with every wash Curly ends that make your hairstyle look healthy and modern All-weather friendly curls that you can wear on holiday this summer.

Kinky straight hair is used for the most natural look of all human hair. This type is also the most popular for the Malaysian virgin hair weaving. With it you can get a full protective style that allows you to sleep without worry, play, swim and do all sorts of activities with no damage or maintenance and no tangles to worry about. Kinky Straight hair is a deep wave of naturally beautiful human straight hair that has the look of a very light relaxed texture. It's wonderful for those who want to be able to wear their hair naturally and still have it look like they put a little effort into it. Our Wig Wholesaler offers you a platform to buy and sell the best quality hair extensions for cheap price. Our hair is made of healthy Remy Human hair, it is soft and smooth, with no tangle or shedding problem. Customized or standard wigs can be made from our long curly, straight and wavy human hair.

Kinky Straight is a 100% human hair that possesses the ideal combination of versatility and softness. Kinky Straight can be worn straight with no relaxer or other natural hair care treatment applications or with regular chemical straighteners. It is capable of being treated easily and is frizz free. The kinky texture of the hair allows it to remain straight when applied to wet hair with a blow dryer and flat iron. The kinky texture also allows it to be styled naturally into the most natural appearing fro in the market today. The versatility of the versatile texture makes it an ideal hair for transitioning. Natural hair is straight hair with a protein-keratin treatment. This state maintains the hair's natural shine and allows for a healthier, longer lasting style. The result is kinky straight hair that is easy to maintain and versatile.

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The 9A grade Omber T1B4 Brazilian hair preplucked wig is made of unprocessed and natural free hair. We have our own factory to ensure high quality and great service. We promise that you will get the best hair that you ever bought online!This ombre lace front wig is perfect for the ombre lover! The v..
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