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Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure

Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
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Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure
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What is Ombre? Ombre is a color technique in which hair is darkened gradually from the roots to the tips. Especially popular with women, ombre adds depth and dimension to any hairstyle. This full lace 4×4 piece is easy to apply with just a little tape and the proper tools. Each strand of hair is hand-knotted onto a nylon mesh cap for undetectable blending into your natural hair. It does not tangle or shed like fake hair, either!

Our hd swiss lace closure is a full lace wig with all-over hand-tied Swiss lace. With short wispy hairstyles along the edges, it creates maximum versatility for sophisticated and playful looks; while the hd Swiss lace closure covers the whole cap, it looks as if you have your own hair growing from this lovely wig.

Hairpieces Wigs is about quality, fashion and varied styles. You can find a wide selection of luxury human hair wigs and human hair, lace front wigs, toupe, wigs with bangs or wigs for women. All types of hairpiece products in the latest innovations in quality and styling.


※Item: Preciousluxuryhair Hair Ombre T1B/4/27 Human Hair 4*4 Swiss Lace Closure Straight Hair Closure

※Hair Style: Ombre Straight Hair

※Hair Material: 100% Human Hair Wig Without Chemical Processed

※Hair Color: Ombre T1B/4/27 Color

※Hair Length: 10-18 inch

※Texture:  Silky Straight Hair, Preplucked Hair line, Soft, Comb Easily, Minimal Shedding, No Tangling 

※Special features: Can be bleached , dyed and restyled  


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How many bundles should I purchase?

If you want to full fill one head, 3pcs will be okay. If the hair is over 18", 4pcs should be better.Also, if you do not have leave out, you could try to 3 bundles with closure3 bundles with frontal closure, it will save your more money.

How is the hair length measured?

Preciousluxuryhair Hair is measured true to length.The lengths on our website are the stretched length.

How long do the hair bundles last?

Our bundles typically last for 6-8 months, if cared for properly.

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A wig is an affordable protective style that can be quickly put on for added length and volume. Wigs are also a good protective style to wear when you want to change your hairstyle and color without the hassle of waiting several weeks for your natural hair to grow out, or going through the trouble of chemically straightening or relaxing your hair. There are many ways to wear wigs, from a full ponytail to a funky wavy style. You can even take a break from your everyday hairstyle by wearing a curly wig on a bad hair day.

Yes. You can wash your synthetic wig in lukewarm water using a mild shampoo and conditioner that are specially formulated for wigs. You should periodically (2-3 times per week) refresh the wig's style by misting it with cool water and combing with a wide-tooth comb. The water needs to be warm or cool, not hot; otherwise, it would damage the fiber. Do not use any curling irons, curlers or rollers on your wig. But don't use normal shampoos. 

Yes you can brush deep wave hair to keep it neat and avoid tangle. This hair looks as real as your own natural hair. You can wash, pick and yes you can brush them. This style of hair is naturally soft and the texture is made to maintain the curls. We don't recommend that you brush your heavy wave hair, despite a brush. This is only because the curls will be unwound throughout cleaning. Rather, please use a wide-tooth finger to handle and design the hair. Please prevent cleaning your hair with fine-tooth combs.

Absolutely ! Curling Yaki hair is great way to make it easy and fast to get ready for a night out on the town. One of the best features of this curl is that it can be achieved with a variety of tools, including curling irons, hot combs and even rollers. This curl is also really gorgeous when left loose as well. However, it is not recommended to do in overly hot water, as it may damage the hair. The best way you can curl any of our Yaki products is by sectioning the hair and gently wrapping around a round brush while running an electric curling iron.
Yes, it's possible to dye a black wig. It's also possible to dye synthetic hair, human hair, lace-front wigs and just about any other colored wig you can find for sale. The process that works best for any type of black wig depends on the material the wig is made from. A wig will last longer if you can keep it from fading. Dyeing a black wig will fade it and make the hair look dull. It will probably not look like the original color of the wig when you dye it because all dyes are different. However, you can dye a wig to give it new life and a different look.
Dreadlocks installed with human hair can be dyed, however, dreads installed with synthetic hair cannot. Why?   It's because the hair fiber of synthetic dreads is made out of plastic and is not porous like human hair. "Dyed Dreadlocks" would be a better term because some consumers may be thinking their dreads could be colored at home with food coloring  or some kind of ­fabric dye. Those types of products could damage the knots in your dreads which were glued on to glass beads, ceramic beads and/or metal beads in salon.
Guide : 1.  Start by washing and detangling your hair, and then let it air dry before doing anything else. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before you begin diffusing to avoid getting just-washed frizz. ------ 2.  Divide your hair into sections. Ideally, you should divide your hair into two sections: one at the top of the head and the other around the ears and face to ensure that you don't overheat. After curling each segment, let the curl to cool on your hands.
How long you should deep condition your hair depends on a variety of factors, but for us the most important thing is to have healthy hair feeling soft and smooth. We recommend leaving our formula in your hair for no more than 15 minutes — if you can leave it in longer, that's even better. If you're unsure whether your hair is ready to rinse out after 15 minutes, use the squeeze-and-snap method: Squeeze a small amount of our formula between your thumb and first finger. If it easily snaps off with little resistance, it's ready to rinse out.
The length of bombshell hair extensions will depend on the life span of the individual hair strands as well as how they are treated. If You're always styling your own hair and using low-grade goods, the maximum life of your own extensions is about 3-4 months. Should you take care of your expansion hair, restrict your use of tools that are hot, and consistently use professional grade goods, they could last up to 12 weeks.

A closure wig is a special hairpiece used to conceal a bald spot in the back or sides of your head. Wearing a closure wig doesn't only make you look good it also makes you feel good. However, all wigs, including the closures, have a normal lifespan. They last between two to four months without Having a retouch. The longer duration of time that your lace frontals need to remain installed will allow it to irritate skin and seriously harm your hairline or split your borders.

Wondering how long a closure sew in is supposed to last? Should you get it touched up every 6 or 12 months or do you go completely natural and touch up your sew-ins only when necessary? This is an important subject that I would like to talk about. There are many factors that influence the wear of your sewn in hairstyle, such as the texture/type of hair, and the frequency at which you shampoo(which can expedite the wear of the sew-in weave). 
How long will human hair last is a good question. It can last for years if proper care is given. Human hair is certainly one of the most durable type of hair products on the market today, in fact it is one of the only hair products that has a lifespan. There is a good deal of energy bound up in there however, so it's going to become broken down like anything else organic. Human hair may endure for many decades, often two decades, before decomposing and softer tissues. Hair, such as fingernails, is made from keratin and is considerably stronger than flesh and skin.

It depends on the number of bundles you need to use for a full top. There is no right or wrong amount of bundles to purchase, as it depends on the look you're going for. Typically 4-6 bundles are used for full wigs. If your goal is to create a natural finish with very minimal hair out of the front (less than 50% visible), then 3-4 bundles should be sufficient. Remember, the longer the length, the more bundles you'll need.
Yes. Kanekalon is a Japanese term generally used when referring to all synthetic wigs.  There are many grades and qualities of synthetic hair on the market. Kanekalon is a man-made fiber made by multiple units of thermoplastic polyurethane. It is similar to the structure of human hair. Kanekalon falls into the highest quality category. All artificial wigs and hairpieces in The Wig Company manufacturers are created with Kanekalon synthetic fibers.  
Yes! Olaplex Straight works on chemically treated hair and is perfectly suitable for use on curly hair. Olaplex is not a solution to fix damaged hair. It is a regimen to help keep the hair healthy as you color, use heat tools, or otherwise manipulate the hair. After implementing the Olaplex treatment once per month for three months, you can expect to see your softness and shine return.
Some consumers are confused or have doubts about Premier Lace Wigs' business practices, some say that it's a scam or others simply don't know.  Premier Lace Wigs is scam business. Buyers beware. Stay away from Premier Lace Wigs that you will be quite disappointed. The testimonials on YouTube or compensated to state the standard of the hair is excellent, they are not to be reliable.

Black people's hair is all different colors! It's important to remember that skin color doesn't determine what color your hair is going to be. It's natural for African-American hair to have a mix of many colors. Black people with the darkest skin tones can have bright red, strawberry blond, and even blue-black hair. Sometimes their hair can be two or three of these colors at once! These mixed colors are often referred to as "highlights."
100% Human Hair, non Remy hair refers to the way hair is manufactured. Non Remy hair will be cut from several donors. Remy hair means it is made from at single donor and each donor has been processed individually. The cuticles are aligned in the same direction making the hair less prone to tangling and more durable. With non Remy hair means there can be different direction of the cuticle making the hair more curled, coiled, or kinky. This may result in tangling and quality problems if not processed correctly.

Wigs look and feel real because they are made from real human hair. This gives you the chance to look and feel like a celebrity every day! But all wigs deteriorate/wear out as time passes. If you are wearing your wig daily, a synthetic wig will wear out at approximately 4 - 6 weeks plus also a human hair wig will probably wear out over a year. If you are still considering wearing wigs then period is finished, you are able to change your style when you purchase a new wig.

A  loose curl perm   is a type of permanent wave that results in hair that is curlier than can be achieved by hot, moist curling with rollers and drier perms. The process was developed in the early 1950s by Dr. Paul Nittnaus. The hair is lifted from the scalp using combination of heat and chemicals , applied in the direction of hair growth, to form a spiral shape, or loose curl. This technique provides more curl retention than other perms that use heat and water only . 
Several synthetic wigs have fiber that is made of soft, high-quality materials. They make a great option to wear with your own hair for a second look. The best synthetic Wig is the wig that will make you look the most natural. Human hair has a very natural look, and someone may find that it works best for them. Synthetic wigs are known to work well for those who are concerned about the health and lengths of their hair. Human hair wigs can be an expensive alternative, but can last much longer than a synthetic hair wig.
A 4x4 wig is a smaller, usually short wig that is worn by a man or woman who has had hair loss (alopecia) for medical reasons. The 4x4 wig is very popular with female cancer patients suffering from hair loss due to chemotherapy treatments while their hair begins to regrow. A 13x4 wig is simply an over-sized wig, usually custom-made, that looks more natural, and may also be custom-made to fit a woman's head. 
Wig heads come in a variety of sizes. That's because wigs don't actually fit on the head - they rest on the head and are secured by an elastic band that wraps around the head and under the wig. Get the right size wig for your project by checking its dimensions against your own measurements (or those of your model friend or prop stand-in).  Since wigs don't stretch to fit, getting one that's too small can make it difficult to get it on. Wig Cap Sizes: AVERAGE: (21.5" - 22.5" Circumference), (13.5" Ear to Ear), (14" Front to Rear ) PETITE: (20." - 21.5" Circumference), (13" Ear to Ear), (13.25" Front to Rear ) LARGE: (22.5" - 23.5" Circumference), (14" Ear to Ear), (15.5" Front to Rear )

The best hair for box braids is a Brazilian Hair. The advantages of using this as your material is that it grows back well, it is very resilient and can tolerate a lot of damage from styling products, heat, and humidity. It's easy to style because of its beautiful texture, it's smooth, its strong yet soft enough to blend with the client's natural hair. When taking these out you have minimal shedding and less tangling overall.
Our hair is perfect for faux locs. It's 100% human hair, it has NOT been pre-processed and each strand is already 8-10 inches in length. The hair strands are both very fine and silky so they can endure a lot of manipulations including twisting, pinning, or braiding without excessively tangling nor shedding like other brands. Our team of skilled craftsmen sewed the hair strands into a high quality lace closure to ensure that you will be satisfied with your purchase.
There are many reasons that a woman would consider wearing a wig. It is either to cover the loss of hair due to illness or as a result of greying, to cover a bald head, go short-term increasing your appearance and self-confidence. Wigs have a long history of providing attractive, natural-looking hairstyles to women. Today, wigs can be made from synthetic or human hair, and styled with hot rollers, blow dryers and other styling products.