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Natural Wave

Natural wave hair has a beautiful texture to it that ranges from very, very curly to wavy. Natural wave hair takes the form of a "V" and has one of the most unique shapes of all forms of natural hair. Natural wave hair , The floating full lace wig cap is made of high quality lace material, and it provides a realistic scalp that allows you to part, comb and style your hair any way you want, Free wig cap design, lace from ear to ear. Natural wave hair is a revolutionary new design and style. Through cleverly integrated high temperature steam technology, it combines convex and concave shapes, which divides into two parts to create a natural looking wavy hair. The natural wave, or "wave-like" hair, is a look that has been in high demand amongst celebrities and beauty-lovers alike. While the style looks flawless on these famous faces, many those who want to emulate this look don't know how to get it. 

Natural hair is always in style, the wave is a timeless look that works for any occasion, or for the beach! Natural wave is different from other types of waves because the curl part is flat, and it's not so dry. It is made from Brazilian hair. Our remy hair with natural wave are thick, smooth and shiny. And all hair weaves are undyed and unprocessed, virgin human hair from healthy donors. Add natural wave texture to hair safely and easily, featuring a multi-directional scrunching action.   The perfect styling tool for waves that are soft and smooth or beachy and textured, the original Tousled Texture Tool helps you create your best look ever! What makes the natural wave so unique is that it is the first curl pattern designed specifically to compliment a woman's natural hair texture. The beauty of the natural wave is that it can be reshaped with heat or air-dried leaving the original curl pattern intact. It complements and highlights the movement of all hair types-natural hair, relaxed hair, ethnic hair, wigs, and weaves.

The Natural Wave is a contemporary hair texture that features short to long molded waves, and a matte finish. The tapered ends provide a new look to classic textured hair. Perfect for any style from sophisticated, to soft and romantic The natural wave is a time-tested, classic and a very versatile haircut. It's perfect for straight hair textures but will also work well with wavy textures. The natural wave doesn't require much maintenance because it is a natural look Natural wave hair is created by simply separating the hair into different sections, finger-combing out each curl individually and then tieing each curl with a string to hold it in place. It can be created either wet or dry. The volume of each individual curl can be adjusted depending on the size of your rollers or by backcombing some of the top for a more bouffant look.

Natural wave hair is a human hair that has not been processed or altered in any way. It comes loose and can be straightened or curled by the client. The beauty of natural wave hair is that it is very soft and clean, even more so than other types of hair such as Brazilian or European hair. Natural wave hair is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear without losing its original texture or color, making it perfect for someone who needs their extensions to last a long time with frequent styling. Natural Wave hair is an incredibly versatile, natural hair that allows users to create a pleasing, uniformed free-flowing wave. It's perfect for all occasions - from casual to formal. This grade 2 free-flowing hair is 22" long and has a natural shine and curl pattern that will last. Users will be able to manipulate this look with hot tools or body washes for a lasting style.

What is the natural wave hair? It owns a natural bright color, the texture of it is very popular for people of all ages and music groups, it has received a lot of favor from world public. Moreover, what is special designed on the hair are some mysterious patterns which this kind of curly hair is considered as its main feature and it can not be found with other natural wave hair you may find in markets. The Natural Wave hair extension is made of 100% real human hair by the wet sewing method. The waving process helps to strengthen the hair and creates natural texture for smoother, softer and healthier hair. It can be worn in different styles such as half wig, full wig, braids etc.. This stunning piece can be styled in different forms.

Getting natural wave wavy hair is a dream for most women. For those with virgin hair, getting the natural wave hair is like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. It feels silky smooth, it looks absolutely gorgeous and it always leaves them satisfied. Natural wave hair is a new kind of 100% human remy hair. The complete cuticle of the hair shaft is preserved intact during manufacturing, which ensure the quality of our hair much better than any other suppliers in this industry. It can be dyed and bleached to any color and style per your request. The natural wave hair is 100% human hair, which has undergone special treatment, especially for the kinky curly hair, it can be styled in any ways such as straightened and dyed. It is natural-looking and smooth when you comb the hair follicles directly. With its large stock orders, wholesale prices and fast delivery time, you should not miss it!

The Natural Wave is a modern take on the retro glamour of the 1950's and 60's. Inspired by vintage Hollywood and original retro models, our tresses are made with natural human hair, carefully woven into our signature layers and generously treated with high heat styling tools to create the popular old Hollywood waves you love. Love your natural hair with natural wave hair. Natural wave hair will give you a different and unique look that many women aspire to. Waves are great for any occasion.  It is proper to say that this kind of hair has become a fashion trend, which makes it the perfect choice for you.

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