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Malaysian Hair

The Malaysian hair is directly imported from Malaysia. It is Virgin Hair, which can be permed, dyed and bleached, just as your own one. It feels soft and satiny smooth when you touch it. The Malaysian hair has the most natural black color among other hair types. Though it is curly, it doesn't tangle much and will remain shiny between washings. You can style the strands to create a gorgeous look for yourself! Malaysian Hair is a more luxurious hair, so it can be made straight, wavy ,curly and it can dyed in any colors. Malaysian will give you a more natural look as an extension. Malaysian Hair Extensions have 100% naturally growing hair, no chemical processing. Malaysian Hair is naturally thick, shiny and silky smooth with medium to light brown color and soft texture. Its strong ability of taking dye makes it perfect for any color you want to be. Due to the texture that is more medium, Malaysian hair resists tangling when you run your hand through your hair, but may require a little more care to prevent tangling in between washes.

Transcendence of natural beauty by making every woman and man feel lovely with Malaysian hair. By exporting Malaysian virgin hair all way around the world, our aim is to make you look beautiful regardless of race, age or sex. Malaysian hair is a type of human hair that is popular among many people. It is naturally black, but can be colored to any other possible tone and dyeing process. Its varieties belong to hair types 3a, 3b, and 4 types. Sassy Malaysian hair is a 100% virgin human hair. It is a great choice for anyone considering hair replacement. The texture is very soft and manageable. This hair can be worn straight or curly depending on the desired style. It's the ideal choice for extension. Malaysian hair has gained a reputation in the wig industry for being one of the most silky and lustrous types of hair available. This human hair has stood the test of time and remains beautiful year after year.

Malaysian hair is the most diverse and most desired type of hair. It ranges from thick, straight to curly. Their hair is very durable despite this fact that it's so soft. As for the texture, they have a variety of hair textures from coarse to fine. Just like the other types of hair, Malaysian hair can be dyed numerous times but their texture does remains even after those processes. Their virgin hair is naturally silky and shiny when it comes that's why it's one of the most popular types in the market. The Malaysian Remy Hair is a popular selection among celebrities, the brand-new Malaysian hair is extremely luxurious and shiny. It comes in natural dark brown color that blends easily with different skin tones. This hair can last for more than a year with proper care and maintenance. The Malaysian virgin hair is durable, tangle free and very easy to wash and style.

Malaysian hair is one of the best type of hair on the market. Malaysian hair is not as strong as some other hair, but has the potential to be a very beautiful and healthy hair if it is taken care of properly. It requires also less maintenance than most other hair, for example you don't need to put a lot of treatments in it. With this hair extensions, there won't be any bad smell or anything like that, and also won't feel heavy on your head. Malaysian hair is virgin Remy hair, 100% unprocessed, gotten from young girls under 18 years old. It is glossy, straight and manageable. It can be curl with hot tools or flat iron and still hold its shine. It has a natural smell of sweet breathable baby hair. Malaysian hair is very similar to Indian hair in the way that it feels and looks. It blends well with African American hair extensions when you are trying to achieve a different look. The Malaysian hair does not tangle easily and rarely sheds like other curly human hairs that do tend to tangle more easily. Malaysian virgin hair can be straight, wavy, curly or kinky. 

Malaysian hair is so luscious, it's no wonder why it is a much sought after hair type! This hair is soft and bouncy. Malaysian hair can be colored using bleach, dye and the ammonia free color of your choice. Malaysian hair blends seamlessly with many textures and colors. It can be curl, straighten or styled as desired. Today, malaysia bundle is a unique, high-quality hair that is very much in demand by customers. A fine Malaysian hair has got special characteristics. The most important of which is the style vivid and beautiful, soft and smooth tangle-free. Hair can be easily dyed and used as a wigs. Different colors bring freshness to you, let you stand out from the crowed. 

Malaysian Hair Bundles are collected from the Malaysian Virgin Hair. Malaysian Woman are very confident with this kind of quality hair extensions. Because they give the most natural look after attached. This natural wavy, straight or curly texture is totally match your own hair. The tone will be light, which is the perfect color for you to change your hair color. The Malaysian hair bundles are now becoming the choice for European, Brazilian, and Indian women. The Malaysian hair bundles are available in curly or straight texture. The Malaysian afro hair bundles are absolutely softer, durable and most importantly the Malaysian Hair wefts will last longer -up to a year.

A fashionable dream come true: Malaysian hair is a longer, thicker version of Indian hair that has beautiful natural textures and comes in a wide range of natural black colors. The Malaysian Human Hair Weave Bundles are most preferred by many customers for the special reasons. A Malaysian Bundle is a bundle of products being sold at a lower price. It's a promotional price for limited time or quantity. The Malaysian bundles are usually sell through internet or direct sale. You may also see "Oriental Deals" sold by Malaysians themselves and this means that they have freshly imported the items from abroad and would like to sell them in Malaysia to earn more profit, having made a loss (or very little profit) for themselves. The Malaysian bundles are a super value and one of our best deals in hair. 

Model: virgin-malaysian-hair-bundles-silky-straight-hair-3-pcs-with-ear
 Malaysian hair is very versatile, and can be worn straightened or curled by wet or dry heat methods. A natural hair color that blends with a variety of colors. It has medium luster and is free from tangles giving the hair a lustrous shine. GSM is about 180.This lace frontal hair is made in 100..
$203.95 $509.87
Model: malaysian-virgin-hair-body-wave-3-bundles-with-frontal-13x4-lace
 100% Virgin Malaysian Body Wave Hair Weaves This 3 Bundles Hair Weave With 13X4 Lace Frontal is a fine quality 1B Malaysian Remy hair, which is soft, smooth and silky, tangle free, durable. It has natural shine and can be dyed to any colour you want.This 13x1 lace wig is made with 100% Mongoli..
$203.95 $509.87
Preciousluxuryhair Hair Virgin Malaysian Hair Body Wave 4 Bundles With 4*4 Lace Closure, Tangle Free, No Shedding Preciousluxuryhair Hair Virgin Malaysian Hair Body Wave 4 Bundles With 4*4 Lace Closure, Tangle Free, No Shedding
New -60 %
Model: 100-malaysian-virgin-hair-body-wave-hair-4-bundles-with-4-4-lace
 Preciousluxuryhair Virgin Malaysian Hair Extension is carefully crafted and made with 100% human virgin hair with natural cuticles intact to keep the hair silky and smooth. The hair is so durable that it can last for a long time without being easily damaged or tangled (even one year under prop..
$193.45 $483.63
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