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Loose Wave

The loose wave is a hairstyle that is worn by black men and women all over the world. The freed hairs on top are styled to vary from loose, to curly, and to coily. Loose Wave  hairstyle has the wavy look, with long layers to create the wavy effect. It is also a soft style for natural and easy-going looks that drapes around the face. Loose waves work best on medium to long length hair. Our all natural hair extensions are premium quality, 100% human Remy hair. Loose Wave features a longer set of Indian hair that has been carefully knotted onto a soft invisible lace base, which is made from a flexible and lightweight material that will fit comfortably on your head with or without adjustment. The loose wave is a kind of Anti-curl weaving technology. Normally the weft and warp are bound by certain bonds, which create curl during the finishing process. The loose wave structure has no bonds in this phase, so that it can make the cuticle smooth during the finishing process to reduce curl as much as possible. 

Loose wave hair is a natural hair texture that has been processed through a special wave machine at the factory. The result is great loose wave hair at a low cost. Loose wave hair can achieve many different hairstyles: straight, wavy and curly. There are no chemicals used in processing of this hair, which makes it more durable and easier to maintain. Loose wave hair can be styled with pressing iron, curling iron, or hot rollers. Our Loose Wave hair collection is just that. A set of textures with a wave giving the illusion of a loosely wavy hair texture. These textures are not tied up in a bun, knotted or tightly scraped. They are soft, flowing and most will see this texture as "lifeless". While our competitors attempt to mimic or replicate this style, they have no way to duplicate the methodology used to create these textures. Our Loose Wave Collection will give you endless ways of styling natural African-American hair.

In addition to beautiful curls, the loose wave gives you movement. Intricate pin-curls are carefully wrapped around the entire head, where they sit at natural intervals to enhance your face shape. Loose waves are a versatile option that flatters any style - whether straight, wavy, or curly. Loose wave Remy Hair extensions are collected from the waste hair of Malaysian, European, or Indian women. It is considered to be the highest quality remy human hair, but made with real human hair, it can sometimes appear a little darker than what is displayed (which can not be helped due to the nature of real ultra-virgin hair). The loose wave also comes pre-braided in a specific way (as shown in picture) to make for easy and quick installation. 

What is the loose wave? The loose wave, or the crinkle wave as it is sometimes referred to, is a hairstyle that originated in Japan, and soon became fashionable throughout Asia. This hairstyle typically results in ringlets of hair that form an "S" shape tousled around the head and draped on the shoulders. This multi-tonal style looks incredible whether you are going for a frequent touchup or rocking a long term look that is months overdue! The tone and texture of the loose wave is soft and free-flowing. This is achieved by using 100% human remy hair that goes through a special silkening process called acid-dyeing to stay smooth without compromising body or volume. The result creates a loose wave with a multitude of movement, a silky shine and lustrous appearance that's easy to style or restyle.

The loose wave is a type of human hair that has a wavy pattern from the top to the bottom of the strand. Loose wavy is typically a coarse texture of hair that resembles its curly counterpart. Unlike natural hair, this versatile style holds curls well and can be heat styled, straightened, blown dry or flat ironed.  This product is 100% loose wave. Loose wave hair is the best quality type of human hair extensions available in the market. true virgin hair extensions are made from 100% human hair without any synthetic components mixed in. It has not been permed, colored or chemically processed and is in its original state. This kind of high quality human hair can last for at least 2-3 years with proper care. Our loose wave is a beautiful, natural-looking wave created without using chemicals or heat. Each custom-created wave pattern is unique and gorgeous, no two waves alike. The loose wave creates natural movement and curls that stay soft, bouncy, and full of volume.

Step out in confident good looks with the Loose Wave Hair.  It comes in natural waves throughout the entire frontal length so that there are no "flat" areas.  The wave pattern is produced using a special machine called a "crimper" which gives it a gentle wave as opposed to a drastic kinky curl or wavy perm.  Because the waves look more natural than the typical wavy perm, or kinky curl, this style is preferred by many.  Loose wave hair is of medium density, similar to Caucasian relaxed texture hair. The curl pattern is more uniform and tame. This is especially true when compared to kinky curly textures that have defined coils and large kinks within the strand.

Loose wave hair is the best selling type of hair extensions. The most popular type of curl because it “loosely” curls around your head. This type of curl is ideal for clients who want less maintenance and are looking to create fullness in their hair, this curl can also be left out naturally on weddings day or styled with ringlets for a more natural look. The loose wave hair is 100% virgin human hair made with high quality material and excellent texture. It is smooth, soft, silky, shiny and tangle free. It's convenient to wear it as a long wig or add some layers or curl to make a different and beautiful hairstyle. The color just looks so natural on most of the skin tones.

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The finest Peruvian hair is currently sought after in the market due to its natural beauty and great texture. Now, you can get the hair that you have always dream of with digihair. One 10-inch bundle will last about 1 year depending on how well you maintain it. You can wear this hair in many ways li..
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