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Lace Frontal Wig

Front lace wig is a 100% premium natural looking product with a variety of top sizes to choose from. The hair is pre-styled in a natural hairline that blends naturally with your own hairline and comes ready to wear. The lace is soft, silky, and comfortable on the skin. A lace front wig is a great alternative to wearing a wig cap. The lace front wig prevents the scalp from being exposed, which is especially useful when wearing open weaves or wigs without hats. The hair density of this wig varies from 75% on the top/back/sides of the wig to 55% in the front. In other words, more hair is on the top/back/sides while less hair is in the front. Therefore, the exposed area in the front can be hidden using your natural hair to cover up thinning areas of this lace frontal wig. Our lace frontal wig is made by 100% high-quality human hair, all the hair cuticles are connected and running in one direction, very similar to your own natural hair. Cosmetic fiber is made by synthetic fiber, which makes hair look very much like natural human hair, but the difference is the chemical material cosmetic fiber is processed with, which affects its durability and makes it difficult to treat.

What is lace Wigs? The secret to the soft, natural-looking hair at an unbelievable price. These synthetic lace front wigs are designed with premium quality human hair at the top and man-made fiber at the bottom, which gives a natural look to your hairstyle and can be flat ironed, curled, dyed, bleached or styled just like your own hair. Our lace frontal wig will be the wisest investment that you will ever make for your natural hair. Lace frontals are regarded as the most natural-looking, comfortable hairpieces available anywhere. Each individual hair strand has been hand-knotted onto a soft lace material which adheres to your own skin and hair. The lace material is flexible and will never tug or rip your own hair out by the follicle. Wigs are no longer limited to the worlds of fashion and theater! Today, lace front wigs and human hair wigs allow individuals to change their looks quickly and easily. A weave front wig is a type of synthetic wig designed to provide a natural look. It is created on a wig cap using hand-stitched or machine-sewn tracks made of lace.  The cap is made from lace fabric that's breathable and stretches to fit a variety of head sizes.

What is a lace frontal wig? lace frontal wig has three main components: the hair itself, an internal structure that provides a base for securing the wig and a lace part that covers the hairline of your own head. It matches your hairline for a more natural look. Lace Front Wigs are used by more and more women on a daily basis. It's not hard to tell why some women are switching from our full lace wigs to human hair lace front wigs . Human hair lace front wigs are easy to put on, comfortable to wear and are very natural looking. They blend in beautifully with your own hair, and can be styled just like normal hair. There are many advantages of using a lace front wig; firstly it has realistic looking hairline which is created by using the same methods used when creating a piece of lace frontals, these wigs also look completely natural. Silky straight and naturally soft hair with monofilament and a lace frontal for blending; You can have several hair styles with this hand tied with hand-fringe cap wig; The Lace front wig is designed to look so natural as if it grows from your own scalp.

Wigs have been an integral part of the fashion industry and indispensable accessory for thousands of years. Wigs were considered a symbol of wealth and power hundreds of years ago, when both men and women sported wigs made from natural hair that could last for three or four years at a time and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Oftentimes, making such luxurious items was an art in itself. Even when you choose lace frontal wig, you can still locate some wonderful deals on used wigs via online auction sites and swap meets. Within short time, lace front wig design has become the most popular and latest trend of human hair extensions. They are long-lasting, natural looking, easy to apply and remove, care , undetectable by others. There are many styles in different colors like black or brown to blonde.

360 Lace Front Wigs, U Part Wigs 360 lace front wig are little thicker than average synthetic full lace wigs. This is because human hair extensions is knotted by hand onto the ultra-thin stretch lace at different levels, creating a realistic hairline and volume from ear to ear. What is a 360 lace wig ? It's long length wig that can be braided or used for up-do styles. The fringes are long enough to cover the ears, with just the right amount of hair to frame your pretty face and neckline. The length of this wig will give your own hair that much needed break, as you don't have to spend time styling and choosing a style. It also adds body and volume to your natural hair. If you prefer using weave, this is also great option for creating an instant long ponytail, side ponytail or twisted up style. 360 Lace Front Wig is the perfect solution for thinning hair, balding areas or you just want to experience a fresh new look! Our lace front wigs are very natural, comfortable and stylish. Each hair strand is individually knotted onto French Lace making 360 lace fronts virtually undetectable.

Lace Front Wig is an advanced technique of sewing hair onto a lace-like mesh cap. From hairline to the back, the cap looks and feels like real human hair; and yet divided into different sections clearly delineating where hair growth actually starts from. Front lace wigs are the new craze today. Front lace hair has actually been around for a long time they have just recently gained in popularity. Front wigs are made with very high quality remy human hair and also include a higher price tag to go along with that quality. The 360 Lace Front Wig is a fashionable, natural frontal lace closure made using premium human hair. The bra-strap design holds the wig firmly in place, minimizing movement and the need for adjustments during wear.