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Lace Frontal

Lace frontals are the most natural hairline for wig. They triple hair density on the front side, creating a natural-looking hairline that's undetectable from behind. Lace frontals are lace that is pre-attached to the hairline. This way, the customer does not need to glue it on separately. It gives a more realistic appearance than a closure since it blends in with your natural hair. A 100% hand-tied 100% Remy Human Hair lace in its natural color is designed to fit your head just like hair growing out of your scalp. The lace is cut to the natural hairline and provides comfortability, which creates a more natural appearance. This wig does not require baby hair or adhesive but works best with a monofilament top for maximum styling options. Lace Front Wigs are made of 100% high quality human hair that is hand knotted on a lace frontal base. Lace Front wigs look so natural, you will feel as if your own hair is growing out of your scalp!

A frontal is the weft part of a hairpiece that is attached to the mesh in order to make it be able to be worn. Hair extensions are made from a variety of different materials but the most common and effective types are made from human hair. A lace frontal is one of these types of hairpieces. Natural hairline, density of 130%-150% unprocessed human hair extensions. Free parting space at the top of the hairpiece. Natural parting in the middle and one side without any clips showing. Note: Every natural hairline on our lace frontal could be parted to the left or right side.- If you\'re looking for a more affordable option to hair bundles, wigs, and closures, check out our full lace wigs! Lace Frontal wigs are made of 100 percent human hair, both the lace and the hair are sewn together to ensure the most natural looking outcome. Full lace wigs and lace frontals are actually different processes that only look alike with the external appearance. Full lace wigs use regular cap construction with a thick mesh or silk base. The entire wig is basically one big piece, including the cap. In contrast, lace frontals have more flexibility, and can be adjusted in more ways than full lace just by moving around the lace part of the hairpiece.

Deep wave lace front wigs are wearing for black women who want to wear long hair while maintaining a natural hairline. These wigs come with lace at the front which is used to cover the skin and provides a realistic looking hairline. They can be worn as a wig or use your own hair underneath, depending on your preference. The luxurious deep wave lace front wig is amazingly realistic. It has a soft and silky natural look and feel. With it's natural style, long length, and comfortable secure fit, it can be worn for long periods of time with no fuss or bother. Our deep wave lace front wig adds natural looking volume and length, making it ideal for adding versatility to your wig collection. Not only can real human lace front hair be curled and styled just like your own hair, but it makes hair look real and natural. The most beautiful feature of human hair is that it ages naturally like real hair, and you can cut, color, or highlight the deep wave lace front human hair to any style you choose; it will always revert back to its original beauty.

A lace-front wig is a hairpiece that is built with two front pieces and a thin mesh on the back to provide natural looking hairline and also to keep the hair intact. This lace front wig is made of 100% human hair from a single donor. Lace front wigs consist of the same hair from top to bottom, allowing you to part your hair any way you want. The cap construction allows you to adjust length and density on most cuts. This natural straight style sports wet and wavy curls on a medium base and swept bangs. The lace front wig is made of 100% human hair and made by machine, it comes in natural black color. The Wig cap is lined with a skin-friendly material which is comfortable to wear. It looks very natural and can be parted in any direction because the hair can be clipped into place like your own hair. It 's easy to {adjust the tightness of the part after wearing it. There are several ways to wear your wig: you can part it anywhere you want, or you can just wear it as a half wig or full lace wig.

Transparent lace frontals are a popular choice of hair pieces for ladies who want to try out a new look or cover up their thinning hair. There are different varieties of the lace front wigs, which greatly vary in quality and price. This lace frontal hair piece is a great temporary hair solution for those who are seeking a non-surgical and natural-looking appearance. Transparent lace frontal is very natural and tangle-free. It can last for a long time if you take good care of it. Transparent lace frontal includes 100% hand-tied a lace and natural color hairline. It is made of 100% Indian Remy hair that is finer and more durable than other types of Indian hair. The hair comes in length 10" with a net weight of 100 gram per piece with natural black color. This type of lace frontal has a very natural hairline that blends with your own hair easily. You can work with our professional stylist to customize the size and shape of the lace frontal to suit the shape of your head.

Transparent lace frontal wig has  an invisible skin top for a natural look. the lace part is hand-sewed to a high quality inelastic netting cap, it is made of high quality human hair, the colors are natural, soft and shiny . it is easy to wear and  comfortable to wear. It blends in easily with your own hair and can last for a long time. Transparent lace frontal is most popular because it's 100 % human hair,no chemical processed. It's natural look and stylish design can give you a unique and beautiful look. It can easily be added to your own hair with the use of bobby pins or clips.