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Lace Closure

Lace closure wigs are one of the biggest trends in the natural hair movement. Whether you are new to the world of wearing wigs or have been wearing wigs for years, lace closures will be your all-in-one solution! The lace closure is a very popular option for wearers. The lace closure allows the wearer to style their wig with more versatility and less damage than using the cap itself. Lace closures are created by embroidering or knotting the hair strands to create a lace base to which the cap is attached. Bring out your inner character with the help of a lace closure. Whether it is added to a stylish ponytail, or used to spice up your part line, this versatile accessory can be worn from head-to-toe for a wide array of looks. Designed with comfort in mind, these closures are lightweight and easy to apply. For best results, apply to hair that has been lightened or colored.

This lace closure comes from a Leading Wigs factory, it has the same high quality as our premium lace. They are made in 100% Human Virgin remy hair and very soft. This Lace Closure can be used to connect two bundles of hair together for making a full lace wig or adding volume to your own hair. You can also use this piece for your self install, with your own frontals or topper. The wig is queen of all wigs, which made with lace closure to give a natural feeling like your own hair. Other wigs use net or glue at the top, which is more secure but it's not good for hair style. What's more,the wig with lace closure can keep the style better than others. And the Part line is drawn by hand, it looks very natural too.

Hd lace closure means that there is lace attached to the cap of the wig. The lace is attached with glue or heat bond. Introducing the Hd lace closure - hd has created a way to give you a wide range of adjustment, so you are able to customize your fit like never before. Precision laser-cut holes allow for easy threading which increases durability and gives you a tidy appearance with no fraying or snagging after extended use. A high-definition lace closure is made with different types of Hd fibres, such as Kanekalon, Ultra Japanese or Swiss lace and it is woven into a lace base. Before the weaving process, the cross-section of the hair strand should look like fish scales. It requires an experienced weaver to make this kind of lace, hence the final product is more expensive. A high-definition lace closure is perfect for short term wear or hair replacement purposes.

Closure is a term that refers to the way in which a wig is constructed. There are two types of closures, non-adjustable and adjustable.  Non-adjustable wigs cannot be resized once they are adjusted at the factory and feature the 4x4 closure. Wigs with adjustable closures can be adjusted or tightened by means of hooks on the inside of each cap. A 4x4 closure, also known as a lace base closure, features a 3"x3" opening that utilizes mohair or lace for the front of the wig to lie against. The seamless 4x4 Closure is a perfect invisible solution for adding length and volume to your wig! This closure does not require any tape to stay secure, yet it is still extremely durable. It is made from 100% hair, so it blends perfectly into your own hair (up close). The back is made from hand tied fibers to conceal the knots on the back of your head.

The innovative '5x5 closure' construction offers a totally natural look that resembles your own hairline. A completely seamless design, hidden combs and knots give you a natural parting and the look of hair growing out from the scalp. The 5x5 wig closure is used in many high quality wigs as the alternative of lace front. The lace front puts additional stress on your hair, and when taken off the wig cap, strands of hair are exposed and then damaged. The 5x5 wig cap is designed to operate with a snap or other method of fastening the wig to your head securely without causing damage to your own hair. It provides you with a natural looking hairline and at the same time protects your skin from perspiration and bacteria from the wig.

Our closures are all made from high quality human hair without any synthetic materials. Each closure is 5 inches in length and 5 inches wide to give a natural look when wearing it. The closure has a single elastic band already sewn into the wig so that you can easily put it onto your own hair. All closures are made with the highest quality Swiss lace to ensure comfort, durability, and longevity. One of the best features of our closures is that they are compatible with all wigs, making them easier to install.

This deep wave closure is completely unique. The combination of glass micro ring hair extensions and this closure give clients a finished look that cannot be achieved with any other technique. This long-lasting deep wave closure will be a lovely finishing touch for your own hair --- or the gift of choice for a friend. The closure comes in an array of color options and can be used to give you a fuller look in only minutes! Deep Wave closure of wigs are made by natural human hair. They go through a systematic process to make them so natural, no one can tell the difference between the human hair and the false hair. Human Hair Wigs with deep wave closure is the most popular choice of women who want natural looking black wigs or jet-black wigs. Deep Wave closure provide a very natural look that matches well against your own hair. Deep Wave provides a full and lush look that makes your hair thick and lustrous. Your new wig will come with baby hairs sewn in around your perimeter to help blend in your new hair to your