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Kinky Straight

Kinky Straight is a wig that imitates straight hair, but in a cool way. It has a natural hairline and no part which makes it look perfectly placed on your head. Kinky Straight is a sexy, modern, and textured collection of playful hair extensions. This straight texture is made from 100% Remy human hair and can be worn on pretty much any occasion. Whether you adore the bold, beautiful texture or want to add length without too much upkeep, this hair is ideal for your hair extension needs. Kinky Straight hair is the texture that achieves the “in-between” look. It’s pin straight with a slight wave or bend at the ends. The wave pattern will vary based on each individual’s own hairstyle. So they can easily twist and bantu knot out, hook up their hair for a classic afro style or just plain wear it straight.

Kinky Straight is our silky and shiny straight hair that offers you so many styling options. The luxurious ends are ultra fine, but add volume throughout the hair making it great to hang loose or pin back in a ponytail. Kinky Straight is a smooth, sleek and shiny straight but flexible hair extension that does not require a protective style to wear. It can be applied using the Kinky Curly, Kinky Straight or Open Island method. Its low, tapered cuticle allows for optimal blending or can be worn on its own. Our Kinky Straight hair extensions are truly amazing.  There are no knots, no joints, no glue, and put simply, no maintenance is required. Whether you are looking to add some volume or length to your hair, this is perfect for you.

Kinky straight hair is a versatile texture that accommodates a variety of styling methods, including flat ironing. It can be worn long or short, curly or straight, colored and highlighted. "Kinky Straight" hair is the new young trend. This is the perfect texture for those who want to rock out with kinky straight curly hair without having to constantly straighten and curl it. Our Kinky Straight hair is extremely versatile and easy to style. Its beautiful, straight texture lays flat and silky, with minimal flyaways or frizz for a professional look. Perfect for any length, it is well suited for daily wear or special occasions! Whether you're looking for straight or wavy hair , our clip in kinky straight hair extensions are an easy solution. They give you the look of an all American girl, with a natural body and a full head of hair. All of our clip in hair extensions are made from high-quality European Remy human hair. Once inside, these clip in them blend seamlessly with your real hair so you can wear it every day and not have to worry about weave loosening or even showing a line of demarcation.

the kinky straight wig is a safe way to help keep your natural hair under wraps. Made of 100% human hair the kinky straight wig is medium length. Comfortable and versatile, it can be curled, waved, twirled, or combed into different styles! Just like human hair wigs your kinky straight is reusable and requires no adhesive, but if you want your look to last longer try a good hair spray. The kinky straight wig is 100% human hair wig, it is made up of 3 bundles of remy hair, very soft and smooth, the wig length can be adjusted between 28inch to 30inch.and it has a adjustable strap inside the wig cap can make wig size more fit to your head. this is very popular new hairstyle. The kinky straight wig is washable, seamless, and can be straightened using hot tools for a sleek look. The kinky straight Wig blends perfectly with natural hair and will take your styling to the next level. What are you waiting for ?

The kinky straight wig is a wig made up of human hair that have a straight cut. A kinky straight wig has a smooth, overall finish that is undetectable to the eye and looks like natural hair. It comes in a variety of colors and is designed to fit both men and women. The kinky straight wig by Fashion Wigs is the ideal solution for women who are dealing with hair loss or display their own hair style - which requires a high level of styling and care. Our kinky straight wigs have been specially designed to match natural hair textures, giving it that all-natural look. The sides and back are short and tapered, following the contours of your head, while the top has been crafted into flowing waves that can be styled many ways. Why We Love It:  This straight wig has kinky texture to add some oomph to your style. Our kinky straight wig is a human hair that has a silky straight texture. It pulls straight and doesn't have any waves or curls. Kinky straight stands for tight curls that are very short and sits flat against the wearer's head without volume. 

Kinky Straight is a cutsy name to describe hair that's on the straight side in texture, but has lots of movement and bounce like waves. It contains the word "wave" in the product name, but it is considered straight hair because with the flat-iron or roller set, the end result is an almost completely smooth surface. The Kinky Straight texture is a very popular style that adds body and fullness to straight textures. The Kinky texture relaxes hair and ease styling time, while keeping the hair off the face. The Kinky Straight is a versatile hairstyle that can be worn in a variety of ways. kinky straight is a bouncy texture that can be worn by all hair types. The hair perfects any style you want to create and meets the beauty standards set by Universal Standard. All of our kinky straight wigs are heat friendly, and can be styled with smooth and curling irons. There is no need to worry about hair tangling as our kinky straight hair features minimal shedding, no tangling, and is completely tangle free.

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