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Hair Type

Hair type is the genetic make-up of your hair. Just like other ethnic groups, there are different kinds of people with hair they were born with. Hair type can refer to the categorization of human hair by texture, quantity, and curl pattern in addition to visual characteristics. Hair type is also known as "hair class." It's important to determine your hair type before choosing hairstyles. The most common type of hair is Indian hair, which comes from a variety of different countries around the world.  Some include  Chinese, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian. Each type of hair has its own characteristics and price range. Brazilian hair is a high quality hair that is very soft, full and lustrous. It comes in natural black, however Brazilian hair can easily be dyed to match your desired color. Because Brazilian hair has the tendency to tangle take special care of it by regularly washing and conditioning it.

Welcome to Hair Extensions Online, our site contains many types of human hair extensions and are very popular around the world. The quality of these hair extension can be seen in this website. We provide 100% real high quality human hair extensions, and offer wholesale price to every customer. You may find Remy hair and human hair used in wigs and hairpieces. The majority of these are made from human hair, which is the safest and most natural type of hair. Remy stands for "Remy Human Hair" also called "Remy Hair". It is the most expensive of all cut varieties, but you will only need about 1/10th the amount since it is very lightweight, and unlike non-remy it doesn't tangle easily. Virgin Remy Hair is the highest quality of hair extensions. It is made from one donor and its cuticle is not stripped when removed from the donor. Yaki texture with a slight sheen . True to its natural color, it will never fade and can be dyed or bleached just like your own hair. Silky Touch Pure, Natural 100% Human Hair. the remy hair has the cuticle intact, it is in its original state . The hair is very soft and smooth you can run your fingers through the hair without any tangles . 

Hair that is thick, full of body and bounce. Its strength is in its versatility, because it is not naturally coarse and can be styled into countless different looks. Our collection is made to bring out the best in you while maintaining a variety of softness, so that each one of our customers can find their ideal fit for their hair care routine. Our hair is crafted with 100% India Remy human hair from single donors, minimally processed to retain maximum softness, durability, and quality. While 100% Indian Remy hair is known as a symbol of exceptional beauty and luxury all over the world, it is also referred to as one of the most challenging types of hair to use due to its delicate texture and thickness. But, we are confident that we have perfected our production techniques. 

How many types of hair can be found on the human head? Or, if we try to explain it in terms of colors: how many colors can be seen? How many textures can there be? How long can hair be? Regardless of whether you have straight, wavy, curly or coily hair – everyone is different. So what you should do is to start from changing yourself for the better. Beauty comes from within, find your own beauty in your own way. We wish you start having the right mindset towards accepting your personal beauty! Among all weave hairstyles available, the body wave hair is the most natural texture. Its quality resembles natural black hair, both in look and feel. It has good elasticity and is great for braiding, weaving, corn rowing and other styling methods. It also has natural movement all the time and will never tangle.

There are four main hair types: coarse, wavy, curly and kinky. The natural texture of your hair depends on the type. Coarse hair is thick and heavy. Wavy hair is somewhat straight, but has a slight bend or 'curl' to it. Curly hair tends to have a 'S' bend and will spring back into place when released. Kinky hair is extremely coiled and very resistant to styling and combing out of its natural curl pattern. For over a decade, Malaysian curly hair has been used worldwide for the highest quality hair extensions. Our 100% real virgin Malaysian Curly is 100% Remy human hair, so you can color and style it just like your own, cut it to any length, and curl or straighten it. Each piece of hair is carefully chosen from our finest virgin donor girls before it is hand tied onto the weft using the tightest security knots.

Indian hair is the most commonly used type of hair extension because it is thicker and its texture is more coarse, which makes it often more durable than other types of hair. Enjoy the look of natural hair that's soft to the touch and never stiff, with these silky 100% Remy human hair extensions. The fine strands blend easily with your own hair and can be heat-treated to take any style you want. Choose from a range of lengths and colours to perfectly compliment your look. We believe in treating each strand of hair with care. This set is made with high-quality synthetic fibers that are designed to mimic natural human hair. They can be styled, curled, and straightened with ease, leaving you with a natural, beautiful look whenever you choose. If you are looking for a great hair for fly-away hair or just an all around wonderful affordable human hair, this is a great option.