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Colored Hair

Add a pop of color to your locks. These temporary hair chalk pens come in vibrant colors that will turn heads at the next festival or party. The vibrant, water-based dye is completely customizable so you can switch up your look whenever you feel like it. Hair coloring or coloring is the practice of changing the hair color. Melanin is produced in hair follicles to give it color. Colored hair renews itself every four-six weeks. Since the refilling process only takes about 20 minutes, you won't even have to take a lot of time off for your appointment. Now you can keep yourself looking beautiful without taking away precious time from other daily activities. Colored wigs provide a convenient and affordable way to try different colored wigs and hairpieces while still maintaining the quality and feel of real human hair. In addition, they are ideal for theatrical productions as well as Halloween costumes.

"Colored hair" is a hair color that has been colored to an extent whereby the natural color of hair is partially or totally obscured with an artificial (non-pigment) color. All hair colors, both natural and artificial, are potentially damaging to hair, but coloration is particularly problematic when the cuticle layer has been damaged in any way prior to coloring. The degradation of the cuticle layer can make it more vulnerable to damage from heat, physical manipulation or chemical processing, whether before or after coloring. For years wigs have been a key element in transforming one's look; especially when it comes to fun and entertainment. Wearing a wig is a great way to add length, color and or volume to your natural hair depending upon which part of the body you prefer to highlight. By purchasing a quality wig you will be able to wear it for extended periods of time without having to worry about its upkeep and can easily include it into whatever daily styling routine you may have.

Everyone is looking for the next trend in fashion and your accessories can keep up with any demand. No matter what look you are going for, we have an accessory to complete your outfit. With our large selection of wigs you are sure to find the perfect piece to match your style. As always, these wigs have been made using only quality materials so that they are durable and will last through all of your fun activities! Whether at work or play, these colorful wigs will give you a trendy and fun look. Made of high quality human hair, each wig features a mesh top and adjustable straps to ensure a secure fit. Ideal for costume parties, themed events, and Halloween, these bright wig is an easy way to stand out in any crowd. Perfect for adults and teens. With a custom fit cap and ponytail for your wig that attaches to the back of the cap, it takes any wig from average to amazing. Now take your favorite wig to the next level with COLORFUL WIG CAPS, the best way to conceal a bad hair day. These wigs look just like your hair, only better! They are made of soft human hair. They are washable and reusable so you will always be ready to reveal your new style.

Dressing up has never been this easy. Quick slip on and off with elastic strap construction makes these wigs simple to wear, while full bangs give them a realistic, trendy look. Ideal for those looking for a quick makeover, or just want to change their hair style without cutting or coloring. There are many wig features available that allow you to express your creativity as well as your personal sense of style, including the amount and color of lace applied to your purchase, the type of crown and base construction, and the way hair is styled. Whether it's for everyday wear or a special occasion, colored wigs make statement hairstyles easy and affordable! These colorful wigs are sure to have everyone in tears of laughter! Each wig has a special design that will have everyone inquiring where you got your stylish new look! Have a wig party for the entire family and even purchase costumes too! You are sure to be the hit at the next costume party donning one of these wigs. Guaranteed to make you laugh, in fact-- we promise that or your money back.

Looking for a lace front wig that will make you stand out from the crowd? Look no further than our Remy Human Hair, Colored Long Lace Front Wig! We have color choices to fit any occasion or mood. The lace front wig is great for everyday, work, school or any special occasion that might pop up in your life. With its longer length, this wig has many styling options. Ideal for coloring, the lace front construction allows you to part a different way and customize your style with ease. The thick density gives your hair a look that is incredibly natural. A fresh, fun wig for funky styles and fashion colors This full long wig is colored with a mix of fun, bright colors featuring mixed lengths that will flatter almost any ethnicity. The lace front wig is perfect for parties, Halloween, costume parties, or just to have some fun in. The partially sewn-in lace adds a special touch and makes the wig more realisitic. A richly colored medium-length curly brown wig with two side bangs. It is trimmed with thick ruffled lace that adds a light purple color and highlights.

No wig is perfect. And now you can reveal your natural hairline with the shampoo cap that comes with every wig for a perfect fit every time! Just slip on the Shampoo Cap and work with your favorite shampoo to cleanse the wig for the most beautiful, shiny, healthy look ever! Get the style you want without exposing your real hairline. Prevent damage from sun exposure or chemical processing, like perms and dyes.