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Colored Closure

Colored closure of wigs is a renewed and updated hairpiece closure. Colored closures are also called synthetic hair closures or bands. The colored closures are a great way to customize your wig. A full cap or half wig can be given the appearance of a customized fit, simply by changing the closure for a color that matches your own hair. You can choose from thousands of colors for the cap size closures and hundreds of colors for lace front wig closures. The colored closure of wigs is pretty common in wigs of all prices classifications. Wigs are most of the time designed to be attached to a wig cap. However some wigs are not intended to be worn with a wig cap, and it is intended instead, to be directly attached to your natural hair. In terms of the price, this type of wig closure will usually cost less than the one that comes with a wig cap. A wig or hair system can go through a lot on a day-to-day basis; such as styling, coloring, washing etcetera.

When wearing a wig, the color of the closure is an important factor in achieving an overall natural look. A wig with a cap closure, which is the strip of color that frames the hairline and secures the wig in place, maintains a completely natural look. Artificial closures can also provide additional security for your wig, as these would be more difficult to detect compared to your natural hair. Artificial closures usually vary from 4–8 inches. The colored closure on our wigs, including lace front wigs, is the edges on the wig cap and is used to cover the natural hairline at the top of your head. The braiding hair adjacent to this cap cannot be parted and will not unravel.

Closure sew-in hair is good for those who want to do their own hair line. You can cut, style and color the wig any way you want. Closure sew-in hair comes in natural colors so you can customize your real hair to be the same color as the closure or choose from our available colors. The closure sew-in hair is designed for the closure lovers. This hair style will get your clients through summer with the perfect style for them or their children. With 8" and 10" length options the same thickness of the Brazilian body wave, you can create a natural looking hairline that blends beautifully into your client's own hair.

Closure lace is usually made of thinner lace portion, on the use of a man made fiber, with the same appearance and texture to use the adhesion method to install directly on the sewn in hair, On. The lace is placed at a position that is hidden, so it does not cause damage to the full head wig or some visible defects. There is a devoted team behind every wig we sew. We make sure that you get the best of our team's technology and our honest tips. From stitching, to cutting to styling, all of our staff are committed to giving you the best experiences when you shop with us.

A wig closure is basically a part of the wig which is connected to the customized lace. The lace sits on the scalp without glue or tape. Lace closures are made with high quality synthetic hair, which makes it last longer than lace wigs you buy from other sources. The 5x5 lace closure is constructed with 5 pieces of lace (5 "X"s) and a single bar (1 "5"). The ideal length is 1/2 inch - 1 inch from the scalp and promotes ultimate versatility. With an adjustable closure, this style can be worn in a high pony, low pony, or a bun. This closure creates beautiful hair volume while concealing the hairline for a natural look. The closure has the same hairline look as a lace wig. It is smaller than the cap that wefted full lace wigs usually come with, thus the name 5x5. This lace closure will give your wig a natural looking thin hairline finish.

The HD closure wig is a bit more expensive than the other wigs. The high quality synthetic fiber has a natural shine that makes the wig look so real and natural. You may not be noticed that you are wearing a wig. If you are looking for high quality inexpensive wigs, the HD closure wig is highly suggested for you. This closed weft is rooted to the skin by a 360 machine that apply thermal heat and mechanical tension to make the hair bond stronger. Once the hair has been bonded, it can be colored, stretched, washed, straightened or curled just like regular hair.  Also, since the hair is glued directly to the scalp there is absolutely no shedding or tangling issues as with tape-in closure and bleaching knots which creates a more natural look.

Transparent closure for wigs is the invisiable quality that wig have, which could make the wig look more natural. So here we are talking about this quality in details so you will know what it is. Transparent Closure (also called Invisible or Removable Closure) is a part of human hair wigs that is used to ensure a wig's weight at the crown. It has been used for decades as an innovative way to attach wigs to the hair. The wig's ends are sewn on to the transparent cap, and this provides a comfortable fit that you can easily adjust. Opinions about Transparent Closure (also called Invisible or Removable Closure) are varied. Some people see it as a great convenience because it avoids having to use clips or tape on the head.

When you look for a wig, you want to know the quality of the hair and materials used in making the unit. Here is a little guide to some of the most common closures we use: Sewn Weft Hair: This is our premium. It uses Italian or Indian human hair, sewn on small tracks that allow for very natural appearance at the base of the hair. Lace Wigs: Our lace wigs are made with a high quality Swiss lace, using either remy or virgin Indian or Chinese hair. The Swiss lace gives it an almost seamless transition from hair to scalp. 

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