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Closure & Frontal

Frontal and closure wigs are styles that don't require the use of the wearer's own hair. Frontal and lace closure are made of heat resistant fiber. Frontal is attached with combs, a portion of hair around perimeter can be knotted, so it can be adjusted. Lace closure has 2 additional clips at the top for securing the lace. Closure means that wig could be sewed in a beautiful natural hairline at the back of the wig, which is also known as lace wig cap, remy hair lace closure, real hair lace closure. Closure is an attachment method to attach two style wigs together or different hair pieces. With the closure of wigs, the wig on your head won't shake, so there is a sense of stability.

A wig with a closure also gives you more styling choices. You can wear your hair in different ways with this alternative cap such as Straighten it out, braids or ponytails are all possible too. A frontal wig is an application of different lengths of real human hair to fit into a skin-lined perimeter of the unit. Both sides are lined with the same hair but it can be adjusted to any length needed based on the Shipment time and color. This technique combines the most natural looking hair with the ease of application.  Frontal is the center part of the wig without bangs, which means it covers the forehead. This section usually matches your own hairline, and can be seen through your natural hair. It may be cut in a variety of ways, including straight across or slightly angled for a soft look. Scalp showing is less noticeable with a frontal wig, as opposed to wearing a full wig that hangs to the shoulders.

The 4x4 Closure and 5x5 Closure of wigs is a closure that is made with 4 lace tracks or 5 lace tracks with the lace tracks spread out about 1/2 -1″ apart. 5x5 Closure, All wigs take closures, Usually used by customers with thin hair or less hair to fit into a wig. These wigs tend to be less expensive because they're using less fibers to construct the unit. The 5x5 closure is a tiny invisible elastic constructed to by a hair weaver for a tip of closure that can be used to sew or glue in wigs. A "closure" is the method of attaching a wig to the customer's natural hair. The 5x5 closure offers a comfortable customized fit and appearance, which makes it ideal for virtually any hair type or length. In addition, this unique design allows the hair weaver to sew in a wig that will comfortably adjust to any size head. The 5x5 Closure was designed to provide the perfect closure solution for professionals working with wigs of all different lengths - from micro units to weaves that are almost floor length. It also allows the limitless possibilities and combinations of hair textures, colors, and lengths. 

The 4x4 closure is the complete wig unit made up of 4 lace or silk top pieces and a 4x4 hairpiece. The closure refers to where the wefts are attached to the full lace wig cap, and can be easily removed so that the natural hair can be sewn in with the use of heat bonds. A 4x4 Closure is made for longer hair wigs . It is a machine weft that runs through the entire wig, top to bottom. It looks and feels like the hair is growing out of your scalp. This wig closure will give a mimicked natural growth pattern with pliable wefting. This closure can also be used with 4x4 Lace Top Wig Units.  A 5x5 Closure is made for medium or shorter length hair wigs . Unlike the 4x4 Closure, this closure has less tracks of the machine weft running through the wig from top to bottom. 

The 13x4 Frontal and 13x6 Frontal are both popular wig sizes that reflect the outer dimension of the front from top to bottom in inches (thirteen inches). The 13x4 Frontal and 13x6 Frontal of wigs are hairpieces or hair extensions for short hair. The frontal pieces is the piece at the front of the head, which is attached to a human's existing hair at back of the head. It resembles the natural part of human hair, with attachment on top and some elastic tapes underneath, which can quickly be secured with clips onto existing hair. What's the difference between 13x4 Frontal and 13x6 Frontal of wigs? The 13x4 Frontal and 13x6 Frontal are both lace front wigs. The main difference in these wigs is the size of them. The 13x4 Frontal is for those who have a smaller head, or shorter hair! The 13x6 Frontal gives you the extra length, and with its short layers becomes super manageable. The frontal in wigs refers to the hairline of the wig. So the 13x4 frontal means that the hairline is 13" wide, or from one ear to the other across the front of your head. And the 13x6 means that the front hairline is 13" wide and 6" high .

Wigs, fashionable and luxurious accessory to complement any fashion looks, is loved by a growing number of women all around the world. If you are also considering trying on this new trend, it is very important for you to know some basic knowledge of wigs, so that you will have a more confident wearing experience with the lace closure and lace frontal.

The lace frontals are a great way to add length and volume to your hair without the use of extensions. The frontal is packaged with its corresponding closures, allowing you to affix the lace closure piece over your own part, blending seamlessly with your natural hair. The transparent lace frontal is made from thin, ultra fine soft lace with baby hair around the front hairline. The delicate baby hair blends easily with your own hair without any damage or causing shedding. It is great for lengthening and thickening your own natural lashes with no irritation.The lace closure is the part of a wig that is used for attaching the unit to your head and is attached with a special tape called "french lace" or "lace tabs". Every unit comes with an elastic strap at the bottom called an ankle strap that can be adjusted for a secure fit. The lace closure is a helpful tool to create a realistic-looking hairline. It is used on wigs that are not pre-styled, which allow you to create a natural looking hairline.