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Bundle Deals

Bundle Deals is that they are a set of products sold together. A bundle can include items from different categories, but items are better deals when bought together, rather than separately. Bundle Deals are a new feature we have added to help your purchase process easier and more affordable! For any product with Bundle Deals, you will be able to choose multiple products and add them to your cart at discounted prices. Hair Weave & Bundle Deals helps you save your money while giving you a quality product. The Hair Deals come in many styles, including body wave, loose wave, deep wave, and much more. Each style comes in multiple colors for any hair color . You can choose from 20in-24in hair Weave and Bundle deals. The Hair will last for months, turns a few times to maintain it just like your natural hair. It is 100% real human hair with no artificial fillers or synthetic fibers.

We offer a wide variety of hair bundles--including deep wave, body wave, curly, and straight--so you can find the perfect ones for you. Each bundle is made from natural human hair to ensure softness, versatility, and ease of use in your day-to-day experience. Our Deep Wave, Body Wave, Curly, and Straight bundle is just what you need to get the hair you desire. They are 100% Human Hair of the highest quality. We make bundles of our Indian hair to last a lifetime. We use only 100% virgin human hair and weave it with premium quality natural hair. You can have the versatility to have any look you desire by purchasing just a few bundles, or go full-on glamorous with all 5 different textures & lengths of hair. Plus we have easy to clip-in extension pieces that are great to carry for an instant volume or length boost. Our premium quality completely unprocessed human hair is double drawn. Which means the cuticle remains intact for a more durable and less processed look, as well as providing excellent curl pattern retention after washing. Our extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair!

Deep Wave human hair bundles is 100% human hair. It can be curled, crimped or straightened. Pure remy deep wave hair extensions are very soft and smooth. These lighter extensions looks so natural. It makes you feel so confident to make a decision to buy it. Our Deep Wave Bundles are crafted from high-quality human hair to give you a natural, sexy and versatile look. Each bundle is separated by a thin nylon mesh weft at the top of the bundle to ensure easy blending of colors and textures. Our Deep Wave Bundles are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. Each bundle length is labeled with its true length.  Deep Wave human hair weave adds shine and volume to your natural hair. It is full cuticle to prevent tangling and shedding, and the wefts are sewn with two rows of wefting machine stitches for durability. The deep wave pattern brings you a natural look and feel, as if your own hair grew fuller and quicker.

These are the wholesale human wave deep hair , it is 100% virgin human hair and easy to color, they come in different length and thickness. All of these hairs can be bleached or dyed . Just wash them with warm water and mild shampoo, then condition them will leave you excellent soft silky feeling. Looking for a full lace wig? We offer gorgeous human hair bundles that are made to be worn all by themselves, or used in an unit with added fusion or lace frontals. The human hair is double drawn from one donor and cuticle aligned, allowing the maximum amount of hair to remain on the wefts. The motion of the wig allows for more styling options that will carry a fuller look longer.

Hair bundles are an economical way to purchase a a product at a discount. Bundles are created by manufacturers that bundle hair from various sources into large lots or bundles of hair. To create a bundle of hair, the manufacturer will take as much hair as they can from more than one source and divide it up into ponytails, with the count per bundle varying greatly. Then all that is needed is a quick chemical process to seal all the cuticles and the bundles are ready to be sold at an affordable price. Our Bundle Deals of hair are carefully curated packs featuring a range of high quality remy hair at a discounted price. We've taken out the guesswork for you by mixing and matching the perfect combinations of hair, with everything from deep wavy textures to straight silky. Hair Bundle Deals include a pack of multiple hair extension item. Bundle Deals are the perfect way to save money and try out new styles without breaking the bank. We have everything you need for your fun, flirty, fabulous style! 

Malaysian hair is one of the most romantic and natural looking hair around, giving an ideal fullness to hair when installed. It is soft, smooth and very silky to touch, with a low luster appearance which makes it easier to blend with other different texture hair such as African-American hair. Malaysian hair bundle , it's beautiful and soft! It's feels so good, this is virgin hair, not woven or chemically treated. You can dye color the hair any color you want ! It's so convenient for you to maintain it. If you want straighten the hair, you can just put some hair conditioner to keep it smooth. Malaysian hair bundle , We are trusted by many clients all around the world, you can see their real Malaysian hair reviews on our website, making your shopping more safer and easier.  We provide best quality 100% human hair bundles with short length , middle length , long length and mixed color with affordable price .