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4X4 Lace Part Wigs

The 4X4 lace part wig is 4x4 inches to cover the whole head, it's light and adjustable, fashion style hair extensions, 100% Indian Remy hair. These wigs are meticulously and skillfully hand-crafted with a 4X4 lace part design. This means that the parting is visible and allows your hair to blend seamlessly into the natural hairline. The 100% 9A Remy Human Hair offers an impeccably soft, luxurious feel with subtle shine. It's thick from end to end for natural-looking volume that gets noticed. 4X4 Lace Part Wigs are made of durable human hair and the highest quality lace at the front to create a natural look and feel. The lace part allows you to part your hair in any way that you like; this makes it incredibly versatile. What makes our 4x4 lace part wigs different from other hair pieces on the market? We are very proud to say that we use the highest quality of Remy human hair to manufacture all of our products. 

The sexy and natural look of lace front is known worldwide. But pulling on a lace front wig can be a hassle. With our new Patent Pending 4x4 Lace Part Wig, you can now enjoy the natural, undetectable look that you have longed for. 4x4 lace wigs is manufactured with High Quality, Low price for all customers, you can get more Newest fashion hair from our store. 4X4 lace wig is with Full Lace Top, 4x4 full lace wigs can be parted totally different way on the top. It looks so natural and beautiful when the hair extends beyond shoulder length. With This Synthetic Hair Lace Front Wigs, It is easy to adjust the size and density by adding more hair to the unit or removing hair. Our 4x4 Lace Part wigs was designed to meet every demand of high quality human hair wigs. Its breathable lace front makes it so comfortable to wear that you will forget you are wearing a wig. This is versatile enough for everyday styles as well as special occasions and perfect for all seasons!

As a beginner in wearing wigs, it is important that you know how to pluck a wig carefully. Plucking the hair of a wig could be taxing on newcomers who do not have prior art experience. The act of plucking a wig can easily make people cringe because just like making your own hair, it is very painful and painstaking. A good way to start doing this would be for you to buy fake hair and start with it first before using real ones because it would be more stress-free. Your hair is naturally Beautiful and there's no need to change that, so Live Your Look with the trend-setting, celebrity-inspired 100% human hair 4x4 lace wigs . They're hand tied and made with a minimum 70% of your hair looking natural with great styling versatility. A wig made of "4x4" lace. The lace can be parted in several different ways to create looks ranging from a solid appearance to a modern layered hairstyle.

Love to keep hair fashionable? lace part wigs is easy to use and change. It's lighter than traditional hair extensions, looking very natural even in large amounts. Lace front wigs is tangle free with a soft and silky texture. The lace part wig is a style in which the hair on each side of your head forms a V-shaped part. This part can extend from just behind each ear to the temple, or can be pulled back to make a full ponytail at the crown of the head. The variation in part and length gives you endless styling options to create a look that's uniquely you. Lace Part Wigs can be used even if you have a small wig cap or your real hair is a bit longer than the wig cap. The lace part spray will make it hard for people to tell the difference between real hair and synthetic hair. The lace tint spray is odorless and invisible, just like water, when it drys out. A lightweight lace part wig, is very beautiful and natural hairline from temple to the nape. This fashion style unit is ready to wear with adjustable strap closure.

Part Lace Wig is lace front wig, the hairline of lace part wigs is hand tied. You do not have to worry about the hairline looking like that cheap synthetic wig. We use high quality raw hair material to produce the lace wig. A part wigs are wigs made from parting the hair into different sections and fixing on thin industrial lace. Hi-Lite lace part human hair wigs are made from the finest quality real human hair available. This allows us to give you a natural looking layered cut with beautiful blending and natural movement.  Each wig is individually handmade and customised to suit your needs and desired length adjustment up to 12 inches shorter or longer.  This lace front wig with wig cap is made of 100% high quality medical fiber, which is similar to Indian hair texture. Wearing a high quality natural looking lace front wig can help you change your appearance in minutes. There are two kinds of the front wigs: Swiss lace and silk base made from European and Indian hair that can imitate your own hairline, so it looks very realistic and natural.

A lace front wig has everything you would expect from a premium synthetic lace front. One of the things that sets it apart is the 4x4 lace part, which is substantially larger than other full lace wigs on the market. 4x4 lace part is a lace part of 4 rows. The general density of the whole lace part is higher than other lace part. The density of the eyelet is approx 0.33 per inch, while other lace part is approx 0.155 per inch. So the area of each lace hole is much bigger than other lace hole. Its features are more durable and more beautiful, and it has strong elasticity so that it looks like bandage on the hair. 4x4 lace is a 100% human hair, 4 inches cutting from one donors for 150g. It is the same with weaves, it is knot-free and that means no shedding and no tangling. The length of each strands is about 1 inch which will give a natural look to your hair style. The curl pattern is natural wavy and just like your own hair.

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