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4*4 Lace Closure

The lace closure is a revolutionary new technology that uses delicate, hand-tied lace to create an invisible zipper. Handcrafted in Italy, the closure is completely invisible and incredibly soft against the skin. This innovative lace closure system allows you to customize and add length to your hair. It's as easy as tying your shoes. All you have to do is tie a bow, and the lace embellishment will ensure that it stays tied, while preventing the hair from slipping through. The 4x4 Lace Closure is the best closure because it's ultra thin lace material, is easy to cover on the knots. It is superior in quality and feature of softness, easy to natural-looking hairline. The closure secure more hair together than other closures, with pure machine wefted intact cuticle European hair. These advantages are why the 4x4 Lace Closure can be top choice when you get a full lace wig.

The lace closure is one of the most popular ways to adorn any wig. The lace closure gives you the ability to wear your hair in a variety of ways (pulled back, half up, ponytail, etc). This piece comes pre-crocheted and ready for you to just put your hair inside! Glue is not necessary. There are color tones that match our 100% Remy Hair perfectly! The Lace Closure is synthetic and ethylene vinyl acetate so it looks and feels like human hair. Experience a smooth new look as you finish the front of your hair with Remington's 4x4 lace closure. Just like natural hair, these lace closures attach directly to your own hair. With an invisible lace line and cut-to-fit styling versatility, this 4x4 lace closure adds lightweight volume and length without any bulk. This 4x4 lace closure is comfortable to wear and long lasting for your personal use. 

The lace front closure is made from a 4x4 and 5x5 lace material where the baldness is completely covered. The 4x4 lace front has two braids that are connected at the center of the eyebrow. The 5x5 also have two braids at the same place except they are connected in the middle with five strings instead of four. 4x4 Lace Closure is a Type of glue base wig, which have 4 tracks of lace, 4 rows of netting and the lace are attached with the tracks of the hair.  5x5 Lace Closure is a Type of lace wig, which have 5 tracks of lace, 5 rows of netting and the fashion made by 5 pieces. The 4x4 and 5x5 lace closure of wigs are both half wigs. So they are fit for people who like to change their hair style frequently, which is designed with attached hair inside the cap. It does not require sewing of bonds or using tapes to secure the attachment. At the same time, it allows you to wear it all together OR parted as you desire. The quality of the lace closure is just like the full lace wigs, in general,the raw materials as well as manufacturing technology from most companies are similar. However ,the human hairs and styles have some different between different factories that lead

4x4 Lace Closure and 5x5 Lace Closure type of wigs are both full lace wigs. The front and back hairline of the 4x4 is prefixed by same wig maker. But the hair warp direction of them are different. And also, 4x4 lace closure wigs use double knots while sewing, and the knots on the 5x5 are same just like half top wigs. The difference between 4x4 lace closure and 5x5 lace closure is the density. Density is the number of hairs/square inch in your wig cap. The higher the density, the smaller 4x4 lace closure will be. 5x5 lace closure will have more natural hairline and is bigger than 4x4 lace closure. This new closure wig sports a shorter-in-back length and long layers throughout to give you big volume without needing big hair. The unique 4x4 closure provides you with the option of having the front two panels glued down for a neat and classic appearance or have the top two panels tied up high to maintain a soft, full look.

Tame and control your loose locks with this lace front wig. It's a great look for those in need of a solution to thinning hair. It features 4x4 or 5x5 lace closure, which is located where your hairline would be. This lace closure makes it appear as though you've got an all-natural hairline! The 4x4 mini lace closure is the size of original hair, but when applied it does not complete the whole wig's length. The 5x5 is the same as an original wig in length. The hairline will look more natural and no one can tell.

Shopping for wigs online is a convenient and discreet way to purchase high-quality, beautiful hairpieces. With more than 100 wigs styles to choose from, having a variety of options is important. Hd lace closure of wigs are offered in straight, wavy, and curly human hair lengths. These short and long wigs can be styled using heat to match your desired look. Hair By Design hd lace closure of wigs is used by hair stylists for all over costuming of natural human hair. This lace closure is incredibly versatile, individual strands are hand tied onto a fine monofilament base material, which creates an incredibly realistic opening and appearance. This wig closure blends easily with your own natural hair creating the ultimate undetectable hair system. This machine made lace front can be heat styled with blow dryers, flat irons and hot rollers. The HD lace closure is a wig cap made from the highest quality heat resistant fibers. It goes over your natural hair to ensure a secure fit around your whole head and has adjustable tabs at the back for a perfect fit.

4x4 HD lace closure of wigs is four fronts weaves, four parts lace wigs. It will add more hair density and depth, it looks natural from every angle. As the 24 inches lace closure, you can be more creative on how to wear your own hair. It is better on styling as it will give you a good styling base, you can make half up styles, high ponytails and updos.

Model: 1-bundle-4-4-water-wave-free-part-lace-closure
Swiss lace closure is made of 100% human hair, double drawn, ultra lightweight and soft texture, giving you a natural appearance. Lace closure hides your own hairline well. Easy to apply.janet hair collection is the first and only range of high-tech hair care products specifically designed to combin..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: 1-bundle-4-4-transparent-free-part-lace-closure-curly-hair
Gorgeous, natural looking hair that is created by interwoven strands of Kanekalon® II fibers, and sewn into a lace front closure. Add multiple packs for unlimited length, that can still be worn comfortably. Our Free Part Lace Closure style can be cut, styled, colored and curled as desired.360 lace w..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: 1-bundle-4-4-transparent-lace-closure-body-wave-free-part
 Preciousluxuryhair lace closure can be used for all hair types including human hair, and for locks from 2 inches (5cm) to 24 inches (60cm). It has a full coverage machine wefted to a 4 inch (10cm) parting which provides you with the  flexibility  to part your hair at any  number..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: indian-1pcs-4-4-lace-closure-body-wave-hairstyle-three-middle-fr
This is our newest body wave weave hair, which is soft, smooth and out of cowhide.  The whole closure is hand-touched to ensure you will have natural look and not shiny, silky and beautiful.Human hair toppers are perfect if you want instant length and volume, and they're custom-made for a natur..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: peruvian-hair-body-wave-lace-closures-4x4-closure-three-part-mid
Open your door to the world of hair with our Lace Closure! Perfect for your next big appointment. Our lace closures come in a variety of textures and colors and are perfect for blending with your existing hair or giving you a whole new look. Our quality lace closure is made from 100% human hair, so ..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: 100-human-hair-peruvian-deep-wave-4-4-lace-closures
Deep wave texture closure with natural luster is glamorous and soft. the hair can be colored and used repeatedly. The cuticle intact,the color can be dyed after aadiong,the hair have very good quality,very smooth,no tangle and shedding.Hair grade : 8A Grade Top QualityOur lace front classic wigs hav..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: 5x5-hd-lace-closure-body-wave-hair-deep-parting-transparent-lace
The Preciousluxuryhair 5x5 HD Lace Closure Body Wave Hair Deep Parting Transparent Lace Closure Invisible Knots Human Hair Closure is a Premium Quality Lace Closure that Provides a Natural, Beautiful Look. It is Ideal for an Easy, Fast, and Secure Sew-In Weave Application and Is Perfect for all Leng..
$152.00 $380.00
Model: 5x5-hd-lace-closure-straight-hair-deep-parting-transparent-lace-
The 5x5 HD Lace Closure is designed for a shorter style, blending perfectly with hair and remaining undetectable in your hairline. Perfect for those who enjoy wearing tight braids, weaves, ponytails, or flexi-rod sets, this closure is available in deep parting.Our closure human hair wigs can be a go..
$152.00 $380.00
Model: 1-pc-4-4-super-wave-lace-closure-free-part-100-human-hair
Whether you wear it as a full-head extension or for filling in thinning or bald spots, this 100% human hair lace closure is the ultimate hair accessory. The easy-to-use design makes it as convenient to wear as your favorite headband. And unlike other hair pieces, it actually looks so realistic you c..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: hair-4-by-1-size-t-shape-middle-part-swiss-lace-closure-100-huma
Digital hair 4 by 1 in size T shape middle part lace closure is made of 100% human hair and it can be used for wigs, hair extensions or others. It is durable and easy to maintain. This product has a natural-looking part and is heat resistant up to 180C. The length from top to bottom: 6 inches (15cm)..
$91.45 $228.63
Model: indian-virgin-natural-wave-hair-4-4-free-part-swiss-lace-closure
Natural Wave Hair is beautiful, soft and smooth, high quality hair and No tangling or shedding. The items can be dyed and bleached, but please do it under professional guidance. The lace closure is made by Swiss lace, not easy to become loose or to fall off.Our quality hair headband wig combines ver..
$85.95 $214.87
Model: 1-pc-4-4-new-loose-water-wave-lace-closure-free-part-100-human-h
Our Loose Water Wave Part is made from 100% human hair with the most natural look. It provides you the best option for creating beautiful, natural-looking hair styles of your dreams.Our lace closure are made from superior quality 100% virgin human hair, so they are just as beautiful and soft as our ..
$85.95 $214.87
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