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3 Bundles With Frontal

Frontal is a human hair wig, featuring with high quality hair and natural looking with a high degree of customization. It makes you have the most natural hairline, it can camouflage your scalp and face naturally; You can wear it to go shopping or go to work, accompany traveling or dining. Instead of single piece hair extensions that may look very obvious, the 3 bundles with frontal gives a more natural look and less damage to your hair since you are not sewing in each individual piece. The system still uses real human hair but has it prepared to be installed into the natural hair. The clips used for either side of your head help give a very secure feel that these strands won’t easily come out on their own. The braided many strands is what makes this possible because it’s not just one or two hairpieces attached to the head.

Wet and wavy style is the ultimate lace front wig. The hair is made of 100% human hair with hand tied top and side with machine wefts in the back. Our favorite feature of our wet and wavy bundles is how they hold just the perfect amount of hair. Other favorite features include the quality craftsmanship that produces a cool style, while keeping your head nice and warm, and the fact that this product never needs replacement!  It is the lace front wig to go with glamour, feminine and chic that will give you the stunning look you want. Natural-looking hair that has body, bounce and movement. It is specially designed to give the illusion of a natural hairline and virtually undetectable transition from the crown to the front hairline. The hand-knotted wet and wavy Lace Front Wig uses a special construction and tapered strands to create delicate curls and waves with volume for an exceptional head of natural-looking hair.

The wet and wavy bundles of wigs look so vivid and natural. Made of 100% human hair, the wet and wavy bundles of wigs can be styled to fall into any style you want to. The sleek beauty of each bundle is always a statement with every step you take. The people will not stop staring at you because of your stunning beautify. You will always be the center of the attention wherever you go. Be proud to own them and wear them as they are your new confidence. The Wet and Wavy bundle styles are a unique take on the wet/curly hair texture. These bundles start with the Brazilian body wave style, in which all bundles start with the hair laid out to create long, loose, body waves on each bundle. We then wet and mingle the hair to give you a more relaxed yet defined look. The result is a beautiful mix between wave and curl that we've dubbed the "Wet and Wavy" collection!

 Wet and wavy is an innovative 3 bundles with frontal. The hair is thick and straight wavy bundles, made of high temperature melting synthetic fiber. It is durable and easy to maintain. Not only can you wear it loose or ponytail, but you can also bring it to the salon for any customized styles. Always go with a perfect look using this wet and wavy 3 bundles with frontal of wigs 100% human hair. To maintain its beauty, please follow the care instructions carefully to keep it soft and manageable. This product is made with high-quality synthetic fibre that looks natural and will not tangle, making it easy to use for a long time. You will look stunning when you wear a wig that looks great.

Frontal Wigs are the ones which have wavy hair on the sides and a tight curl on the top for front hair is called frontal hair. Frontal Wigs are made for providing natural looking to clients like it's belongs to their own head. Deep wave is the most natural texture among all wigs in nature. It shows the flow and curve of every strand in a fun and lively way. Deep wave is more popular among African American women. Some people call it afro style. It is the most natural looking wig, releasing all worries about being under disguise. The Deep Wave Frontal is a classic, natural curl pattern with a soft and silky texture that will last for years to come. The front is designed with medium length strands styled around the face to give you a beautiful look. Thanks to the Easy-Cleaning system, it's easy to care for, so you can keep your hairstyle looking great all day, every day.

Transparent lace frontal is very popular with lace wigs, because it makes the hairline look very natural. Transparent lace human hair frontal is a new high-end hair extension product in the hair market. Transparent lace frontals are a quick and easy way to instantly give your hair a natural-looking fullness. These hairpieces attach to your own hair using tape, and their lace texture helps hide the tape, making it virtually invisible. The finest lace frontals have all the natural beauty and movement of real hair. Our premium quality hair was processed without any decolorization, perming, or chemical treatment, so it retains its natural color and its cuticles are intact. No knots! You can wear your hair bleached or color your lace frontal as often as you like to achieve the perfect match to your own hair color. The transparent lace frontal has no feel and offers complete flexibility and perfect movement matching the natural appearance of most ethnic hair types.

The 3 bundles hair with transparent lace frontal is of high quality, the hair is smooth and soft, no shedding. This is 3 bundles with transparent lace frontal closure, lace is soft and natural. The hair are all 100% human hair, it does not shedding, tangling free from the single. The Transparent Lace Wig with 3 Bundles, is made with virgin hair, no cutting or treating, looks more natural. This lace front wig is made with premium heat resistant fiber material, which makes it softer and more flexible. You can create a variety of trendy looks by just simply curling or straightening your hair. Perfect to wear for various occasions such as wedding, prom, party, date and more! Enjoy your new look with this high quality Lace Front Wig!

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