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13*4 Three Part Lace Wig

The 13x4 Three Part Lace Wig is a full cap hairpiece that frames the head with long layers. It's a great look for women with thinning hair or hair loss, and can be worn in front, to the side, or in the back. Lace front means zero visibility from scalp and edges. The lace front is perfect for an undetectable wig! Three Part Lace Wig  is perfect for adding volume and length to your hair. The lace part on the side provides a more natural look. All colors are available. Our 13x4 three part lace wig is made of single drawn Remy human hair, which adds extra bounce to our unique soft curls. It's versatile too as you can wear it straight with a blow dryer or curling iron to create an instant style update. You get a stunning 13x4 inch lace front wig that is lightweight, looks natural, and will blend perfectly with your own hair.

Three-part full lace wig gives the most natural look. It's suitable for almost all head shapes and has more hair density than other wigs, creating a fuller look that can be brushed out into a beautiful style. Our 13x4 Three Part Lace Wig is heat resistant, and 100% breathable. It is also made of natural fiber, and free from chemicals, and synthetic materials. Additionally, it is suitable for a wide variety of head shapes & sizes, lies flat against the scalp with adjustable straps, and can be styled in a variety of ways. Plus, it is easy to care for- simply wash and condition it using warm water and normal shampoo for 30 minutes. Our three part lace wigs are made from a soft lace material, which mimics your scalp. They can be parted anywhere you want, and styled to keep you looking fresh day after day. And the adjustable Velcro strap on each cap ensures that you have the perfect fit every time.

Get the right fit for your natural hair with this medium length 13x4 lace wig . Part your hair in whichever way is most comfortable and you can also combine it with your own hair to create a hair style that sways to work or school. For versatility, this curly lace wig is constructed with Swiss lace , which enables a natural scalp-like hairline . Constructed with high temperature fiber, it can be bleached or dyed without any damage whatsoever. Plus, it comes in different lengths and colors to match various personalities. Our 13x4 Three Part Lace Wig is a beautiful and versatile wig accessory that you can use as a natural-looking part, or simply to add texture to your look. The lace front allows this wig to blend flawlessly with your natural hairline, while the heat-resistant fibers allow you to achieve plenty of curl and volume.

Three Part Lace Wig is Three part lace wig is a lace wig (lace front wig) exactly as the name suggests. The difference between the two is that closure type can be selected by the customer, one would have to order a celebrity lace wig with a front lace in order to have possibly virgin hair at the front. There are no difference between them otherwise. Three Part Lace Wig is different from other tied wig because the middle lace is longer than side ones, and they are floated on two buns. You can make it more like a natural hair growth. It looks very beautiful, and no one will notice that you wear a wig unless you tell them. Three Part Lace Wig is a lace piece that divides hair into 3 individual parts to create gorgeous and natural-looking hair. Three Part Lace Wig gives you a variety of styles, from soft waves all the way to tight curly looks. You can curl your hair with a straightener or tongs, or simply leave your hair down for an edgy look. The possibilities are endless. Beautiful human hair Three Part Lace Wigs is made by using 100% human hair. The first part of a three part lace wig is the hairline, followed by two ear to ear lace sections, with baby hairs around the perimeter of the front and back. These sections are sewn into a stretch cap which allows for a flawless fit.

Three part lace closures are becoming more and more popular nowadays. 3 part lace closures are now better than ever! These 100% human hair closures are woven together on a lace base that gives you the same natural look of a sew-in weave. They look like your own hair and blend in while holding the closure snugly in place. The 3 part closure's cap construction with a longer perimeter adds extra support for better hold without the need to bleach, color or use tape. This closure is very versatile as you can wear it in its natural state or apply heat to the hair for a more relaxed curl pattern. Lace Front Our 3 part lace closure is a type of hairpiece that has lace along the front edge and blens into the natural hairline. The lace front wigs last longer and are more affordable than full lace closures since they are simpler in design and construction. The 3 part lace closure is ideal for first time wig buyers or those who prefer less maintenance.

Three part lace closures are a great alternative to tape closures. These closures allow for the hair to come out of the closure, so you have the ability to reuse them because of they don't have to be sewn in like tape closures. They are also made with natural hair and human hair combined which gives you a better looking finished product! 3 Part lace closures are a two piece lace closure that you wear like a stretched ponytail. The base is made of lace and the stretched around the hair and both ends are affixed to each other giving you a secure hair tie. These are commonly known as singles because they only have one strand of hair in each tie. If you do not have much hair, these can be put on as if they were a ponytail holder and then detached from the elastic when complete. New 3 part lace frontal closure offers a more effective and easier way to do the hair extensions.

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